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The “defund the police” movement.
First of all, we, at the GSR, understand that no organization of citizens or even protests groups want to totally defund police departments across the nation.  That phrase was picked up and then turned to political advantage.  Without police departments, we have no ability to monitor or control aberrant behavior that comes up in humans around us all the time, and sometimes in us, ourselves.  Lake Geneva and the other communities located around Geneva Lake are special.  They all have great police chiefs and, consequently, pretty great departments.

The police officers in these departments keep order and apply the laws with a quiet sort of dignity that is most pleasant to watch or be a part of when and if such occasion occurs.  The GSR is rather uniquely situated to view and understand that.  We need these wonderful agencies of logic, reason, and applied law.  The crazy neighbor, drunk boater, or simply inflamed motorist needs reigning in every once and awhile.  The police are not only equipped (vest, gun, non-lethal weapons and back up) but trained to deal with this kind of uncommon, but very dangerous stuff.  It does not happen often but when it does, it’s very scary and potentially deadly.

The Geneva Shore Report constantly reminds regular citizens not to attempt to do police kind of work.  The public is neither equipped nor trained, nor does it have a backup, for instance, when a person who refuses to wear a mask is chastised by someone and then, instead of putting a mask on pulls out a carry conceal firearm?  Let’s all keep complimenting the kind of work the police departments around the lake have been doing and support them all the way.  They are human, so mistakes will be made, but they are also wonderful men and women who really do care about us all.


What’s going on with newspapers in Lake Geneva?
It has become very difficult to purchase a newspaper from the stands at retail outlets anymore, particularly on weekends.  The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and more have become almost extinct unless one has a delivery subscription. Walgreens doesn’t even carry those papers anymore, while Kwik Trip is always sold out by seven a.m. on Sundays.  Wal-Mart and Target also don’t carry those papers.  In fact, the local papers are about the easiest to find.  Is it that people are not reading hard copy as much as they used to, or is it that retailers have simply found that they cannot make as much money selling papers as they make selling snacks?

Person of the Week

Brian Mulligan Sweet Corn Lake Geneva

Brian Mulligan at his local sweet corn stand on Williams Street. Brian is a great guy with a great outlook on life. Stop in and say hi, grab some corn, you will leave grinning ear to ear!


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