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What’s coming in the future for Lake Geneva? Everyone has an opinion, a hope, or some sort of idea about that. But what is likely to happen to the wonderful, ambient and very pleasing creation through time of this place called Lake Geneva?

Ed Svitak, the wonderfully ebullient and brilliant man the city brought in to take over the dying Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, has proven to be just the guy to find the answer to those future-seeking question askers, living in and visiting this small lake area city. Ed revamped the chamber and renamed it “Visit Lake Geneva.” He then set about directing the organization to figure out how to grow the city while maintaining its small-town charm. He went to work figuring out how to keep the lake water pristine while multiplying the number of people who might come to enjoy it. In order to help with this monumental project, Ed decided that he needed the community’s help. So, he called in the big guns. Dreamworks, the Geneva Shore Report calls the organization enlisted to figure out how the city should proceed into the future.

The real name of the outfit is Northstar. 

Northstar, a survey and strategy company of the new age, is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. They sent their top guy, Ed Barlow, senior vice president of strategic planning, to interview everyone he can find who might have a valid opinion to offer about how the community should shape its future growth. One of the first organizations Ed interviewed was the Geneva Shore Report. “Give us one word that summarizes how you want to see Lake Geneva in the future?” was one of his last questions. “Shangri-La” was the answer. He wrote that down. “How would you characterize what needs to be done to bring more quality people to the area?” was an earlier question. A one-word response was given to that one too. “Hollywood.” Ed was informed that Hollywood started in Lake Geneva and Williams Bay so long ago, and then got moved lock, stock and barrel to California.

Light up the place during Christmas. Bring back the 75-foot-tall tree that used to sit in the middle of the intersection of Broad and Main Streets. Follow the “Holiday Inn” musical’s wild celebration thing from the movies. Celebrate. Support the downtown theater and bring in plays with real stars headlining. The GSR was all over Ed, and the idea is that you should be too. Northstar’s here all summer. Call them and get in there and give them a piece of your mind.

Call Ed’s cell: 615-564-0256. Go to the website mentioned earlier. Make a difference in what is about to happen to Lake Geneva. Your opinion will count. Regardless of the opinions collected by this aggressive, yet analytically precise, team at Northstar, Ed Svitak is going forward into a more certain future with the data and everyone in Lake Geneva should be going with him, and rejoice that he’s leading the way.

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