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The famous Lake Geneva Mail Boat starts its Gage Marine run.
Starting this Friday, the mail will be delivered by boat to about seventy-five homes around the lake. From June 15 to September 15, these homes will be some of the very few places still receiving mail by boat, and none are as scenic or exciting as the Geneva Lake Mail Boat route. The boat is named the Walworth, and it has delivered the mail and entertained passengers while doing so for over a hundred years. The young adults that help deliver the mail have to try out for the job since considerable athletic coordination and prowess is required to do the work. The mail jumper must be able to jump from the moving boat to the pier, deliver the mail, and then jump back on the boat before it gets too far away. If the mail jumper takes too long, he or she ends up in the lake and the boat must return to make a rescue. Needless to say, all mail delivery staff performing such athletic feats must also be able to swim.


Recovery of the infant.
Last Wednesday, June 6th, at about 8:46 pm on Wrigley Drive (right in front of the Riviera Beach), a missing infant was located and safely returned to her mother. The story started in Mount Pleasant when the Mount Pleasant police department was notified that a male abductor had taken a 3-month old girl. They then notified the Lake Geneva police department that the abductor and missing girl were believed to be in the Lake Geneva area. The police utilized their license plate recognition technology and located the suspect’s vehicle parked in front of the Lake Geneva public library. One of the Lake Geneva police officers had seen the male suspect and infant on the Riviera beach a little earlier. That is exactly where the male suspect and missing girl were located. The male suspect was confronted and taken into custody without incident. All this was going on as families with children of all ages were on the beach enjoying the moonlight movie (Finding Nemo). The City of Lake Geneva Police did a great job of keeping the area safe and calm as this incident was taking place, and in working very well in coordination with the Mount Pleasant Police. The infant was transported safely to the Lake Geneva Police Department and then reunited with her mother. Once again, the City of Lake Geneva Police Department proves that it stands heads and shoulders above just about any department in the country!

Dairy breakfast.
The Walworth County Dairy Breakfast is this Saturday, June 16th, from 6 a.m. until 10:30 a.m., at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. This event is more than a fabulous breakfast. There will be a craft fair, many different exhibits, a small animal display, contests, entertainment, and a free bus ride to the Sterken’s family cow and goat farm. The breakfast will include scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, and ice cream. The cost of the event is $7 in advance, $8 at the gate, with children 5 and under are free. If you have any questions call 262-723-2613. The Geneva Shore Report will be in attendance to enjoy the event, and to meet all the participants and guests.

Place of the Week

Geneva Lake Shore Path

The Geneva Lake Shore Path is one of the best features of Lake Geneva. Only 3 lakes in Wisconsin have such a path. Lake Geneva is blessed with a beautiful twenty plus miles of lake shore path, surrounding the entire lake, for all to enjoy the nature and beauty Geneva Lake offers.




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