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We are not reporting about the return of certain bird species to the State of Wisconsin, the retreat and melting of the thick snowpack, or even the depth of ice out on Geneva Lake.  We are reporting on the insidious, secretive, and aggressively nasty company called White River Holdings, run by a CEO named Paul Fitzpatrick and based in downtown Chicago, which is damned appropriate. The company, formerly owned and run by a guy serving years in a federal penitentiary, is filing legally to attempt to get money from the City of Lake Geneva because the city, allegedly, did not properly allow for changes in zoning following the creation and approval of the new city comprehensive plan.  This assertive and persistently cockroach-like operation pulled back the lawsuit, which was originally filed back in July of 2020, but when they did pull it back (actually, it was dismissed, with prejudice) that left open the opportunity to refile the claim.  Monday night the Lake Geneva City Council went into open session to figure out what to do, with respect to the likely fact that, following the resubmission of the claim, a full-blown civil lawsuit will follow rather quickly. Here is some of the red bleeding meat these down-from-the-trees anthropoid apes are trying to hold the city up for:

“On June 29 these people (White River Holdings), submitted a request to amend the city’s comprehensive plan so they could develop multiple dwelling homes and apartments.  On October 23rd of that year, the city council approved the first reading of that application.  On November 13th, however, the council denied the petition at the second reading.  The coming lawsuit rises out of changes that were recommended within the comprehensive plan when it was approved.  The city ‘should’ adopt a private recreation zoning district under the recommendations in the plan.”

The city has not, so far, done that.  There has been no designation of a ‘recreational zoning district,’ and there doesn’t appear to be any interest in the city moving ahead to do that.  Under the designation of such a ‘private recreation zone,’ this operation (White River Holdings) could go from homes requiring 35 acres to one where that company could basically build whatever it wanted, in this paper’s opinion.

White River Holdings is mad.  They wanted to buy a property that was comprehensively planned for rural holding, at a much lower price for such limited use property, and then have the plan and subsequent zoning changed to allow for ‘full ahead’ development.  Does this company really want to develop the old Hillmoor property at all?  That doesn’t seem likely, not when the changes this company and those people are seeking would more than double the value of that property.  Why not just sell since almost the entire population of Lake Geneva can’t seem to stand this kind of operation coming in, making such demands, not being able to convince elected representatives that they have good intentions and plans, and then filing suit when they can’t get their way?  This sharkskin adorned crew, fresh up from the mainstream downtown Chicago real estate frenzy, is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Lake Geneva residents, visitors, taxpayers and all the appointed representatives and appointed officials therein.  Once again.  Mirabel Hummel came into Lake Geneva ten years ago and pulled this same kind of “Foxconn” game, and walked away with millions, when the city’s insurance company refused to stand up to those bullies.  Well, the bullies are back, and they’re wearing the same outfits and pitching the same garbage.  It’s time for Lake Geneva to tell them to go pound sand.  Let them file suit.  Tell them ‘hell no.’  Tell them that they can gather at some point in the future and meet some real intelligent judges named Johnson, Reddy, Drettwan and Koss, who are not about to be fooled by big city slicker ways, nor be convinced to invent things for that company’s profit and convenience.

File your case White River Holdings LLC.  Make our day

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