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The county of Walworth has been graced with lower than average incidences of the virus, hospitalizations, and deaths from the deadly results of contracting the virus.  But there is no protection, in past good fortune, as the present is a tenuous place populated by virus mutations assuredly as dangerous, or more so, than the original strain of the disease.

A woman was interviewed on a conservative television station on Tuesday.  She was an anti-vaxxer, as were the other people on that right-wing show.  They were being asked, one after another, why they were not getting the shots. She said when told about the effectiveness of the polio vaccine:  “Oh, don’t give me that junk about polio or smallpox.  I’ve never known anyone who had either one.”  What can one reply to that sort of expressed depth of ignorance?  Of course, the young woman has never encountered either disease, because the vaccines of years ago killed off those diseases.  Her aggressive reason for not wanting the virus vaccine turns out to be the very reason she should get it!  But the logic of that will never penetrate the powerful lying proposition put forth by people who are making money by branding themselves, quite successfully for money, across the entirety of the Internet.

If you don’t think former rodeo clowns turned television anchors of immense popularity don’t have credibility then you’ve not been watching Fox grow into the misrepresentative behemoth that it has become.  The anti-vaxxers are driven by the same sort of deliberate and outrageously obvious lies as those about voter fraud.  It basically does not exist, but try to convince anyone who’s been taken in by the right-wing media.  The leaders of that same movement are currently using a big lie to pass hundreds of voter suppression laws in states across the nation. The same fundamental kind of lie drives the anti-vaxxer movement.  There is also the ‘being different’ aspect to the refusals to vaccinate, as well as the willingness to go along with obvious lies, and that is because most humans only want to dress, makeup, wear haircuts, and styles like other humans while saying they don’t.  In reality, the competitive struggle among all humans is so great, and so deceptively hidden, that the crying need of many individuals to be different, to possess better information, to be seen as smarter, is nearly impossible to truly believe, but it is certainly there.


It’s going to start with people being allowed to either get vaccinated or not, against the onslaught of this virus. It will not end there. At some point, the ‘vaccination passport’ is going to not only become important to have but will also be made official. You will not be able to attend large group events without one. You will not be allowed to fly or ride a train or bus without one. You will not be allowed in school; elementary, high, or college, without one. Your insurance company will not pay for your virus medical treatment without one. It will be like a driver’s license, the analogous logic being that it is a danger to everyone on the road to have unlicensed drivers out there roaming around. And so, will not being vaccinated be seen as risking all those around?

Q’Anon is pushing the anti-vaccination thing and it’s having success among conservatives. Before long, however, sooner than you think, getting the vaccine is not going to be voluntary unless you want to go into the forest and live as a hermit, and then good luck in coming to town to get any supplies. When I got my second shot and waited out the three weeks after, it was a warm relief to experience the effects of truly knowing that I’m not going to die of the virus and I’m not likely to spread it either, even to those who initially attempt to avoid taking the vaccine. That the vaccines are killing absolutely nobody, and the effects are so minimal, and usually not present at all, should be a big encouragement for those in denial, to turn against the brutally stupid people behind Q’Anon, and get vaccinated. Even that losing former president down in Florida recommended, in his speech at CPAC, that everyone gets vaccinated. His dwindling base of followers is not made up of the best of listeners, however…if you haven’t noticed.  Don’t be ignorant or so self-important that you risk your own life and the life of others by not getting vaccinated as soon as you can change.

~~ James Strauss

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