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The Town of Linn election is rushing upon Geneva Lake, on April 6th, to be exact.  Not just rushing upon Town of Linn, but the lake itself, as the waters around the lake have become more contiguously brought together through the years.  What happens in the Town of Linn can affect all the communities adjacent to the lake, as well as what happens on a good bit of the property around it, and even the body of water itself.

Earlier in the year, a ‘run’ was made on the Town of Linn by a small ‘cabal’ of residents.  The residents are all from the farm part of the community, as the Town of Linn also has a whole load of residential property owners who live near or on the lake itself.  Many of those property owners are part-time residents.  The apparent idea was for the Town to be taken over by the farm portion of the community, as represented by Chris Jones, Kathy Leigh, and Chuck Rohm.  The Town of Linn is the most successful financial community in all of Wisconsin, given that so many mansions are located on town property and pay huge amounts of tax.  The farm portion of the town has long wanted the part-time resident-occupied properties to pay all town expenses.  When Chris Jones and Kathy attended the annual town meeting earlier in the year they attempted, with followers, to dissolve the town.  The effect of dissolving the town would have had potentially catastrophic results, given that a town of such wealth might also be called ‘prey’ when the other communities around it found that the entirety of it might be annexed or up for grabs in other ways.

The town was saved by the last-minute efforts of a lot of people, three of whom are running for office against Chris Jones (running for a board position) and Chuck Rohm (running for the town clerk position).  April 6th results will determine what happens to the Town of Linn in the future.

Maureen Zimmerman is running against Chris Jones.  Maureen has been a very creditable and valuable member of the plan commission.  She needs your vote.  Jim Livingston is running for a board position, as well, and also needs your vote because the man he’s running against sides with the cabal.  Finally, Alyson Morris needs your vote so that the town cannot be ripped apart from the inside by Chuck Rohm.

What will become of one of the most well-run wealthy townships in the Midwest?  It’s up to you.  Jim Weiss is running unopposed for the board president position but, in this time of such a charged political atmosphere, his election should not be taken as a foregone conclusion. Get out and vote for Jim Weiss, for Zimmerman, for Livingston, and for Morris.  There hasn’t been a more important election, affecting the present and future of the town, in all of its history.  There’s an unwritten, unspoken agreement among the Three Amigos.  They will find the affairs of the Town of Linn to be primary in their leadership.  They will first consider the survival of the ‘corpus of the body’ of the Town of Linn before anything or anyone else. They will reject anything that might cause harm to the people who are residents, the people who pay the taxes, and the people who visit the Town of Linn. So make your voice heard on April 6th.

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