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The Market of Lake Geneva, formerly known as The Fancy Fair Mall, is preparing to begin making some great changes.
Kirk and Brad Boohr, the father and son duo taking on this task, presented an application and request to renovate the exterior façade on the building located at 830-836 W Main Street in Lake Geneva. The final look of the façade impressed all the plan commission members, but how the Boohr’s will get to the final product is up in the air until more is known.  The rebuild is confusing and it’s also a little like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The final look may, or may not, look like the picture presented to the commission, and also may not meet the expectations of the new owners until some demolition and removal of the façade can be done (mostly the purple backdrop for the purple fancy fair mall sign) That permanently affixed sign cannot be removed without approval, but approval cannot be granted until a definitive finished product can be presented and approved. The renovation crew cannot be certain about what will take the sign’s place, and if what’s behind it (which is currently unknown) can or will carry the weight and product for the desired new signage. More questions arose regarding the possibility that the brick on the exterior of the mall has, or has not, been painted in the past or coated with something, and if it’s been modified in the past the case for repainting the not so pleasant current color is an option.  The owners are hopeful that the city will agree with their plan for the brick and that it can be repainted in a more pleasant color.

If it has not been previously covered there is a city ordinance that does not allow any painting of natural (never painted) brick in the downtown area. The awnings are also somewhat of an issue. The existing canvas awnings are an easy approval, but some are metal and a newer city ordinance does not allow metal awnings. Some of the commissioners thought the metal overhangs may not be considered awnings but instead considered part of the actual building, and, if not the owners may want to replace them anyway to make them more visually appealing. The Boohr’s are going to try to drastically upgrade the signage. The Market of Lake Geneva sign will take the place of the existing Fancy Fair Mall sign, and be made of individual metal letters and a lot more area, highlighting the businesses inside the mall. The city leaders, commissioners, and residents all look forward to the upgrades of the space. Kirk and Brad will go back to the drawing board and hopefully have some more answers to the current unknowns, and then continue the renovation.  The project will be revisited at the next plan commission meeting.

Person of  the Week

Jill Lake Geneva

Jill celebrated a recent birthday with good friends in Lake Geneva and made the GSR’s day with a wonderful Hello! Happy Birthday Jill!



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