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What’s goes on behind the “Green Door”?
The City Council does not have a Green Door, they have the “Secrecy Door” of a “Closed Session” in which things are hidden from the public. But there is a hidden peek hole into closed sessions that would not exist, except that in one of the lesser known settlements of the city’s many laws suits a single person has been given the authority to tell what went on during several closed session meetings.

Two candidates have arisen from the masses to speak to the ‘secrecy issue’ so hurting democratic representation in Lake Geneva.

The first candidate, Tom Hartz, has been a part of the secret meetings held over the years and acted seemingly without any sense of ethics when it comes to the needs of the citizens of Lake Geneva itself. His horrid presentation with respect to the Hummel project stands as one of the worst examples of “in your face” and “go to hell” kind of representation that has gone down as an all-time example for councils and commissions on into the future. If this man was to be elected mayor of Lake Geneva it would be a confirmation that his form of secret and careless representation driven by developmental forces proven to be overbearing and allegedly careless of the lake’s long-term value and long-established ambiance is what the public really wants.

Charlene Klein is running against Tom. She is his opposite in every way. She thinks about the current identity and image of Lake Geneva to the extent that she is the head of the horticultural hall. She works as the leading force to bring Hillmoor back into green space usage instead of being turned over to high-density development. Charlene is supported by Mary Jo Fesenmaier and their respective districts for city council. Would it not be terrific if three intelligent and oh so tough but non-bellicose and combative women grabbed the City of Lake Geneva by its stacking swivel and gave it a whiff through a full circle of clean lake air? The choice for mayor is the clearest one that’s been presented to the public for many, many years. Is Charlene impressive enough to win? She is if people embrace that she’s a hugely intelligent woman with fire in her belly and a cause that will help Lake Geneva evolve into the wondrous “movie set” kind of wonderful place just about anyone would want to live in, or certainly visit as often as possible. Charlene Klein is all about getting rid of secret meetings for any and every purpose.

Let the public see it and know about it up front is her attitude. Let the public decide if the decisions made are in their best interest, and then let the chips fall where they may. You go, Charlene.


Cartoon by Terry O'Neill

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