Little Gems

Piers. The Williams Bay Municipal Pier is going to be redone. The work has already begun. There will be a new seawall and river walk, as well. Piers are being put in all around the cove that makes up the Williams Bay Harbor complex. Concrete Structures is the name of the company doing the hard work.

Preparing for Summer


Artful beauty.
The GSR recently ran a video about the wood cutting and stacking being so artfully done on South Lake Shore Drive. Further investigation has revealed that the beautiful stacking method used is from old Scandinavian lore. This method of stacking the wood is supposed to help it dry faster and more effectively. Many people have stopped to talk to the family doing the work, and to take photographs.

Wood Stacking Beauty



The new Emagine Entertainment theater, comprised of nine individual theaters, will be opening in July. The theater will be a complete rebuild of the structure that existed for years known as the Showboat. Locals and visitors will be very happy with this new complex, as it has every new theater convenience known to man or woman.


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