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The Lake Geneva Sewer rates go up on April 1, 2017. The thirty percent increase for water already took place and the pain of that is still probably being felt by a lot of people. These increases are what the Geneva Shore Report calls the Winkler increases, or the Winkler effect. How much are the sewer rates going up?

Ever hear of “sympathetic detonation”?
Ever hear of tax loneliness?

A sympathetic detonation (SD, or SYDET), also called flash over, is a detonation, usually unintended, of an explosive charge by a nearby explosion. Sympathetic detonation is caused by a shock wave, or impact of primary or secondary blast fragments.

The water rates went up thirty percent, thanks to the leftovers crumbs of reduced intellect Mr. Dan Winkler, the former utilities director, left behind. The sewer rates are going up almost exactly thirty percent too. Not six, or ten or even twenty, which might make sense, but no, a full thirty percent. The director of the commission running this department is a good guy, but boy does he have his work cut out for him. How is he supposed to run that operation, again in the dark, because the city council refused to make the commission directly reportable to the city administrator, as Utah Blaine Oborn requested. Why did things go up thirty percent?

Because of absolutely irresponsible overseeing of a whacked out utility leader. What are the citizens saddled with these new hefty increases to do? Depend more on this quasi-representational city council to do the right thing, which they don’t know how to do? What kind of multi-million-dollar city budget can be run by a bunch of cooks, hairdressers and candle-stick makers? The kind of utility department that hits you with thirty percent increases right between the eyes. And right in the billfold or wallet. The City of Lake Geneva has been getting away with this kind of outrage, when it comes to increases, for everything. Note that when it changed to the new meters that the city did not increase parking by any small amount. It doubled it. Because it could get it. Had the cost of living gone up? Not on your life. Nope. And now they are going to make it double the double for parking near the lake or on Main Street.

What happened to the old three or five percent increases? Those are relegated to city employees raises. If that. Why is it that only relatives of city leaders and employees can seem to fill the jobs nobody else is qualified to get? Or is it the fact that city employees are paid pretty rotten, and their benefits are always under attack? And don’t forget fines. The fine amounts, for being late in paying for one of those tickets (the amount of forfeiture for being over the time limit doubled to twenty bucks) is now doubled to forty bucks. How did this kind of behavior become allowable in city government?

Some of this attitude comes from business people who always feel that the government should be run by businessmen and women, rather than by governmentally trained officials. How is it that the American public can be so easily fooled? Businessmen and women, by and large across America, want to make the maximum profit and pay the least expense to get that profit. Is there any wonder that the business people in government go for all the money they can get regardless of the tax paying public’s best interest?

Go ask Kordus, he’s a businessman and on the council. Go ask Gelting. And then pay your parking tab, your fine, and your water and sewer bill with a smile. It’s American. It’s patriotic. And suffer in silence because nobody wants to hear about your complaints, either, certainly not at Lake Geneva’s Municipal Building.

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