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224 acres of Hummel for sale. Check out the signs out on Highway 120. It would appear that the giant Hummel ‘blob’ of land is being parceled out to get ready for development. The 224 acres comprises only about twenty-five percent of the total land area the tract occupies. The signs are up and a photo of one of them is in this issue. What is going on? Capital is being raised because the Hummel company very likely is somehow connected with the Geneva Inn in that company’s intent to use annexation as a way to finally gain a foothold on developing the lakefront area.


Williams Bay Fire Department. Three million, or maybe up to five million, for a new firehouse. Those are the figures not finalized yet for the construction of a new fire house for Williams Bay. That old centrally located fire station right downtown will be turned into a museum (or some such) and the the new station will be built out near the new high school. Does the fact that moving the station makes it less likely to get timely help compared to what the old building allowed for? Not if your fire is out by the high school.


The Town of Linn paid forty grand. They are trying to come up with a new comprehensive plan for development in Town of Linn. They are three years overdue from the limit the county gives them to get up to speed. Jeff Sanders is the man who is part of the firm ‘Community Planning LLC’ which got the nod to figure out the community and then help with a new plan. The first thing that CP did was send out a survey. 2174 homeowners got the surveys. 342 sent them back in. The first planning meeting was held on Monday night to discuss the results. The session went on for hours without one person saying anything about the fact that an unproctored (nobody was there to see who really filled out the forms) survey with that few responses was about as valid as guessing.

Maybe less so, since so many people have vested interests in the outcome of the new plan. About the only thing that the survey kind of showed was a reflection back on the people attending the meeting. Old is in. Doing nothing is in. Complaining about everything is in. And talking until everyone in the room keels over in terminal boredom is definitely in. One item of interest though, other than that Jeff Sanders is a class act, is that Mr. Sanders seemed to really favor well-heeled towns like Linn getting incorporated and becoming a village. That’s the only way that the big bad wolf of Lake Geneva is going to be back down. The revamp of the comprehensive plan was really all about the elephant in the living room who did not attend the meeting. That’s the Geneva Inn elephant, and he’s still there, eating Tostito chips dipped in guacamole, while watching the March Madness occur on more than just his television set.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders, the head of Community Planning LLC out of Green Bay. He was the neat guy informing the collected older people at Town of Linn that they should “endeavor to persevere.”


Williams Bay decides to go it alone in deciding who can and who cannot have short term rentals. The short term rental situation has been a problem that’s brewed for a long time around the Lake Geneva area, and, in fact, in almost every area of the country that is expensive and has a lot of short-term vacation visitors has this same problem. Hawaii is one of them. They passed a law that does not allow any rentals for less than three weeks. What happened? A cottage industry of under the table renter companies opened up. A great new avenue for con artists. They rent you the place for a week but abscond with your money. You show up at the rental and nobody knows who you are. What are you going to do, go to the police and complain that the you got ripped off from the rip off you were attempting?



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