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Here they come. They’ve taken awhile to show up but the feeding sharks, not dissimilar from the schools of sharks gathering off of Florida’s shores these days, are poised to take some sweet tender chunks out of the Lake Geneva carcass, as they find it.
Hummel, the developer that spearheaded the greatest fleecing of Lake Geneva insurance coffers several years ago (the fleecing being the reason former city administrator Dennis “I’m not here or there anymore” Jordon stayed on to get through burning papers that had become seven years and one day old), isn’t back.

The big stretch of Hummel land still sits vacant, sort of like that giant shark in Jaws laying there offshore, without the deep thrumming music, but it’s still there. Hummel trimmed the country hicks with great city slicker lawyers out of almost four million bucks without ever having to so much as plow a furrow, lay a foundation or actually build anything. They did it by intimating that the City of Lake Geneva, in denying their ridiculous high density building project, had made the property valueless and unsaleable. That J.B. Pritzker had offered five million for it was first denied and then simply shelved when it couldn’t be denied any longer.

That’s all history, until “Jaws” rises from the deep to take another huge bite out of Lake Geneva’s country butt. Instead of Hummel, along comes a Hummel imitator. Hillmoor. Having the same first letter for the development is a bit of twisted humor. The people who want to develop Hillmoor have decided that the city’s refusal to let them build whatever the hell it was that they were allegedly going to build (some sort of alleged pond or lake to be allegedly surrounded by alleged medical marijuana imbibers, or something) has made the property allegedly valueless and unsaleable.

The second “H” Bomb is about to be dropped on Lake Geneva.

How does anyone know? The Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators, unflagging and ever vigilant, have discovered that the biggest legal firm in

Lisle Blackburn Attorney

Lisle Balckburn, Attorney

Elkhorn, masterminded by attorney Lisle Blackburn (as in Black Hat, Black Thorn or the Black Death), has put together a request under the Freedom of Information Act for about a year’s worth of data from the city. Lake Geneva will have to compile every piece of paperwork and email (including Hillary Clinton’s) that deals with Hillmoor. Take your pick. The request for information very specifically requests all communication evidence, emails, letters or any other junk that might link the City of Lake Geneva with the Geneva Shore Report.

That ought to be a big file, indeed. The City of Lake Geneva has about as much communication with the Geneva Shore Report as the Geneva Shore Report has party invitations from Mayor Jim Connors, City Attorney (alleged) Dan Draper and former City Administrator Dennis (he went that way) Jordon. It might be a little bit of fun for Lake Geneva’s City Clerk (and she is a tremendous city clerk), Ms. Sabrina Waswo, to accept the big thick packet of requests, write “none, as in nothing, nada, nope, nichts or maybe something in the next century” across the front page.

The Geneva Shore Report has alerted the GSR staff attorney Peter Wilson about the possibility of a lawsuit or subpoena, he’s promised to reach the publisher in Rio de Janeiro if things get really sticky. Being sued over not wanting an algae covered pond, with attending scum, developed within Lake Geneva City Limits would be a badge of honor for the GSR, and would also allow for deposing some of the people behind such ridiculous ideas with respect to what their financial backing and ties truly are. It would also allow for watching Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Wilson have at it in Walworth County Court.

That too might be indeed be fun to watch and report about.

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