Small Gems

Daylight Savings Time arrives once more this weekend so don’t forget to change your clock (spring forward!) on Sunday night. What’s interesting about Daylight Saving Time is that it seems to create a void in the time continuum. The time between 2:00 am and 3:00 am on Sunday 13, 2016 will not exist. No crimes will be committed in that hour; no one dies; no one will be born and nothing will happen in that void. But the 325 million people, who experience that void wake up in the morning missing a combined 37,000 years of sleep! Which just goes to show you can miss something that does not even exist.
It is said that the entire editorial staff of the Geneva Shore Report was born in that time void, although it is possible that they were simply deposited on earth by aliens visiting from the planet Mongo……..

Home of the GSR Staff Planet Mongo

It should be pointed out that even though Mongo is only about a quarter larger than Earth in diameter, it has over a third more “surface.


The snow is almost gone, and the ice is disappearing, but parking tickets are rising like a Japanese or New Orleans sun.
Twenty bucks this year. Yup, one Jackson. Unless you pay your parking fine online using a credit card. They should give you a discount for doing that. After all, you take up no valuable employee time paying with a credit card, whether it’s by phone or using a computer. But no, that’s not the name of the game in city administration (or county, state or national either, for that matter). You pay an extra buck and a half to pay by credit card ($1.50). By the way, if you wait ten days, which isn’t much time at all, then you pay forty bucks ($40) for a violation of a few minutes past your contracted time.

And if you blow that then you get stuck not being able to renew your automobile registration, so get ready for two hundred dollars, ($200). The punishments continue for those not respecting the draconian power of little town rules, right up to having to serve a life sentence in some thrown away South American penitentiary wearing a butterfly tattoo on your chest (well, we made that last part up…about the butterfly).

Parking Meters Lake Geneva

Did you know this? … Reason for meters is to provide safe parking options for the City. All funds collected remain in the downtown area and to the residents of the City of Lake Geneva….
But where does the FINE money go?


The local KFC, right down there across from McDonald’s on the east side of the street near Main Street, is resuscitated.
The product that is bringing it back is called Nashville Chicken. It’s hot, but not really. More like mildly spiced extra crispy. But good. Really good. The orders for this product are going to be flying out the door although be careful if you wipe away the tears from your eyes after eating the hot stuff. Product quality is up and the employees are all cheerful and most helpful. They took five minutes extra in figuring out how the GSR X-Files investigator could be billed the minimum for her odd order. That was nice, and unexpected. Sometimes small town virtues seep right into even the largest of big box stores.

Lake Geneva Kentucky Fried Chicken

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