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A notorious serial killer, trapped in Trinke Estates, was found, investigated, convicted and given the death sentence in February of this year. Shockingly, the decision makers running the Trinke Estates Association would not allow the full scope of the execution to be carried out anywhere on the Trinke Estates, so the predator was permitted to avoid annihilation, at least temporarily, and left alive and unguarded to escape and continue it’s killing spree anywhere around Geneva Lake.  No, this serial killer is not Jack the Ripper, or the Boston Strangler, Manson or Hannibal Lecter. No, this natural born killer is much worse! This killer is so adept and indestructible, it’s been reproducing itself since the beginning of the Quaternary Period 2.6 million years ago

Although it’s not a man killer, it does effectively kill one of man’s most cherished gifts from Nature—our beautiful lakes. This exploitative evil-doer, Starry Stonewort, invades a lake by first hitchhiking on a boat, falling-off someplace accessible and permeable, and then implanting itself in a safe place below the lake’s sediment bottom –where it can’t be manually or chemically removed. The only method of SSW eradication is early detection, isolation and quick response. The quick action that’s required is hydraulic dredging in an enclosed, isolated space excavating down 2 feet into the sediment of the lake bottom-together with the collection of all the sediment slurry into large geotextile bags that then need to be dewatered and the sediment completely dried before being trucked away to a special dumping site.

Unfortunately, on May 2, Ted Peters, Director of the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, sent out a press release acknowledging that his office was forced to miss the one and only opportunity to accomplish the hydraulic dredging of the Trinke Lagoon that had been strategically planned by the Department of Natural Resources to be done “immediately” this spring.  When questioned, Mr. Peters said all parties were unwilling to extend the dredging period into the month of June. Apparently, they feared blowback from the Trinke members using the lagoons for parking their boats who would then be required to make alternative arrangements for their boats. Mr. Peters indicated that he was uncomfortable with exercising that option. Future plans to do the hydraulic dredging are being proposed for the Fall, after boating season, but will be futile if SSW does what it has been doing for 2 million years and spreads out from the Trinke Lagoon into Geneva Lake.

Nevertheless, Ted feels he can tame this wild, noxious, demon algae and keep it confined in the Trinke Lagoon. If he can, he’d be the first and only lake manager to do so out of the 600 or more who have tried and failed in the past. But if Ted can’t keep SSW confined in its present location for the next 5 or 6 months, it’s doomsday for Geneva Lake and everything associated with the lake, recreation, tourism, the local economy, jobs and above all else—property values of lake homes. Although Trinke has riparian rights and control in the area where SSW is located in the Trinke Lagoon, the DNR has authority to act as the Trustee for the waterway that is actually owned by the public under the Public Trust Doctrine.

For unknown reasons the DNR doesn’t feel they have the authority to force Trinke to use Trinke property in the eradication/hydraulic dredging process. So, it doesn’t appear that the DNR is going to come to the aid of Geneva Lake either unless we can get some “quarantine” measure passed in the state house enabling the DNR to close off sections of a lake that are under threat from invasive species.


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