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Officer Richardson, of the Lake Geneva Police Department.
What a wonderful breeze of intellect, charm and yet firm measured delivery flows from and through her. This officer is in charge of security at the local high school and has been on that assignment for five years. To talk to her is to enjoy an entertaining education about the subject.  The difficulties of deciding what applies to law enforcement and what are simply those aspects of the school and the children this officer circulates among. She can digress for as long as you might want to listen, which, once you hear her, is for as long as anyone can get her to talk.  There’s an association of police officers in Walworth County who work in the schools. The association meets frequently to discuss similar enforcement issues and problems. One of the really interesting questions the trained officers put to school officials who ask for their involvement at the school is brilliant: “would you normally call the police about this issue if I was not here?”  What a grand pleasure to see this Racine native, by birth and then through advanced education, in charge of the city’s children, from a security standpoint. Officer Richardson is about trust, honor and the firm but gentle application of the law where the law is needed to be applied.  Thank you, Chief Mike Rasmussen, for finding this wonderful police officer, and then training her to the point where she has become so impressive for, and valuable to, the community.


What is so special about Wednesday, May 15th?
It is not a holiday nor a famous birthday. May 15 (so far) is the only date set up for live feedback about the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This is your ONE chance (not including any forced-answer survey) to tell your local representatives, aka aldermen, what you want our beloved city to look like.  From 6 to 8 p.m. at the Public Library, you will be able to use pretty crayons (no need to bring your own as the City is coughing up cash for brand new ones) to draw on maps.

These maps will dictate what the Plan Commission can and cannot approve because the crayons are made of permanent ink. There is the slightest, wee small chance that the aldermen might listen to you and not change the colorful maps, but don’t hold your breath. They are enthralled with the Roger Rabbit report. Mayor Hartz found the rabbit and is now compelled to justify his veracity. Let’s not have this Roger reproduce and make the city indistinguishable from all the other failed resort towns. There is one chance, though, if you don’t already have a date on the 15th to give your input in person. The public’s absence means it can’t complain about future development.

Some wise and esteemed members of the public have been begging for a second Vision Workshop, as this special gathering on May 15th is called by Mike Slavney’s firm.

Person of the Week

Mark Walsh Lake Geneva

Mark Walsh is great! He is hard at work setting up freaky fast internet at the GSR office. This has been a challenge for other contractors, but Mark did not give up! Thanks Mark for getting the job done!


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