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“This land is your land, this land is my land …”

They did not sneak in during the dark of night. They came in broad daylight, with their heads held high and their hands on their wallet with 3.4 million dollars in it.  Judge Henry Sibbing did not stand up and speak out against them without merit. It took a lot of motivation to break Judge Sibbing from his bench to stand before the collected leadership of Lake Geneva. What did Judge Sibbing have to say? Why did he bring his wife? What drew Judge Sibbing out that night?

Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick, and his hazy, nebulous organization understood full well the terms he purchased the property under as it existed at the time of the sale. The comprehensive plan classified the Hillmoor property as recreational use only. Mr. Fitzpatrick and his (Casper-like) outfit are now trying to have the plan changed to allow full commercial development. Basically, that means the Casper outfit could do whatever they want with the property, no matter what the local population might think or want. Incidentally, this change of the comprehensive plan being sought by the “Casper” LLC would overnight double the value of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s property. Who wouldn’t want that deal?

But, let’s go back to what Judge Sibbing had to say. Judge Sibbing described things as any fair-minded judge would; “They bought it, they own it.” Judge Sibbing presented example after example of other small communities like Lake Geneva that have successful golf courses. Judge Sibbing would like the city of Lake Geneva to purchase the old golf course and bring it back to life. The old golf course was financially successful until bad management took over. The Geneva Lake Association, and the newly formed Friends of Hillmoor, stand arm and arm with Judge Henry Sibbing and his very rational request. Let this land “that is your land, and made for you and me,” remain made for you and me.

The future of Hillmoor will be decided on Monday evening on November 13th at 6:00pm. Come to that meeting, even if you’re never been before.

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