Little Gems

What’s the holdup? Sabrina Waswo left her position as the Lake Geneva City Clerk on October 6th and started her new position in the Village of Walworth on October 9th.  Lake Geneva still has not hired a new City Clerk. They had plenty of notice and time to start the application process. Quite possibly, Sabrina’s work load, and work ethic are intimidating to any potential replacements. The city has some prospects, and are narrowing it down, and then the interviewing will begin.

Let’s hope they hire someone soon or the new clerk will have a desk so buried no one will be able to find the office or the new clerk.

Remodel at the French Country Inn

French Country Inn Lake Ggeneva

The French Country Inn is getting a makeover. What was once a quaint European style hideaway, is taking on a fresh new look inside and out. Progress is underway and we will continue to follow.

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