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Ten million homes across the United States still get their drinking water through old lead pipes.  500,000 children in this country get lead poisoning symptoms every year.  Where else can anyone go to explain the current leadership of the United States, and this is not a story or article about Donald Trump.  He would be right there if he had a place there.

This article is all about what is happening right on your television with the broadcasting of the hearings with respect to the Supreme Court.  Only lead in pipes (did we learn, as a species, nothing from the rampant stupidity and mental failures that happened in the waning years of the Roman Empire?) can possibly explain why a supposedly august and intelligent group of species homo sapiens would close itself in, hour after hour, with a grand clump of other humans, given the wild contagiousness of this novel COVID19 virus, all fully aware that two members of the group have been diagnosed with the active virus.

There’s a room you do not want to be in, now or into the future for quite some time. That room is the hearing room in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. Right now, there are over a hundred people in that room instructing, grilling, and making the Supreme Court Appointee uncomfortable. But the big deal is the two senators with the virus. That’s right, the head of the committee himself (Lindsay ‘don’t call me stupid’ Graham) refuses to be tested which leads one to believe it would reveal a positive diagnosis, and not wearing a mask to talk when he speaks into the apparently magically virus curing microphone. Then there’s another one named Mike Lee. Same deal. The Supreme Court Appointee has her seven kids there in the room with her too, lined up perfectly in chairs, just waiting to be shot with a deadly round of mist. For no other reason alone, other than seeming to have a lower elementary school education with a decision like…she ought to be denied, and then fined with the other ‘representatives’ in the room for extreme negligence, stupidity, and advising their constituents to act one way, while they do what they damn well want. What a bunch of vapidly stupid clowns…all of them.

How many stayed away from that meeting? Were there any smart ones at all? What’s wrong with this government right now? It’s all right there in front of your eyes. You just have to be asking yourself if they all are that dumb. Turn on your television and watch, and laugh, or cry, or both at the same time. This is going to go on for days.  The virus can begin to show up in three days after exposure.  The hearings will last until Friday, according to Senator Graham.  There is plenty of time to wait and watch carefully, to see if and when they are going to fall.  I hope it is not the kids who have to pay any price here at all for this very official grand misadventure.  This latest act by so many of America’s most elite and experienced leaders crosses all political lines.  Although it is now an observed phenomenon that the virus is a political weapon or tool, this potentially fatal get-together was put together with full knowledge aforethought, plenty of planning, and supposedly with the advice of the CDC and other medical experts.

Well, just by watching the television and the admissions made by people about those attending with the Covid-19 virus active in their body’s trumps all of that.  If a body falls from a high altitude there is no need to carefully measure and calculate velocity or anything else.  One merely has to wait a short bit for the results of the impact.  Maybe they’ll all get lucky or maybe God, visiting down to intervene at the begging of the court applicant’s secret religious group, will pull everyone through.

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