Voters are not important. It is the people who count the vote that is important. Stalin said that. Guess why? Are you really watching what’s going on as we count down to November 3rd? The battle is shifting to controlling the results of the vote gathering and not much about the issues or the candidates themselves. The ‘game’ of voting in this country is becoming fully outed in this election. Phony voting collection boxes…not put out there by individuals, but by the republican party itself in California Should be felonious, and it is, but the ‘punishment’ for getting caught last week in California? A cease and desist letter, which the republican party of the state tore up and publicly threw out. Tell that to all those who threw their ballots into those phony boxes. The census is basically stopped because the conservatives want to limit those who might be democrats from being even reported as existing, much less voting. The president is encouraging militarized ‘monitoring’ at polling places…and even if those armed militants don’t show, the voters, they fear that they might, anyway.

One woman in Lake Geneva, out in the sticks, where the Proud Boys don’t exist or are ever likely to appear, is not going in to vote because she’s afraid that ‘thugs’ might hurt her when she showed up. She’s too old to understand absentee voting and they don’t allow early voting where she lives. It’s republican out here in the farm country. Country people grow eggs, corn, soy, and things like that. They do not necessarily grow kindness, generosity, or compassion among and within these farm fields. This is not new. This goes way back. This kind of thinking, philosophy, and applied mean-spirited behavior goes all the way back to the Old Testament and why God got frustrated with the species and sent his son down. This new orientation on how the vote is collected and counted is under the full glare of the conservative mass media, and you better believe the result is going to cause more of this strangeness we are all coming to learn to live in much more apparent. Oh, many of the Supremacists, who don’t want to be called White, but are ‘lily’ so, drive around in pickup trucks so outsize that they can’t even be described anymore as having the small penises. No, their trucks are now so big, with such huge flapping flags, that the drivers can’t get up into them if they have any penis at all that might be in the way.

How do you stop a tsunami? You build a tsunami wall before-hand. The ‘wall’ built to contain the democratic voting tsunami. against the coming election wave has been made of great stones comprised of voter suppression, voter intimidation, gerrymandering, lying ads, and all the help the Russians could mold together. It is beginning to look, however, that although great rock walls were built to contain the coming wave, the Japanese results of 2011 should serve as an example of what can happen. At some prefecture’s, protected by walls built fifty and sixty feet high, never anticipating waves of up to 130 feet, the giant waves came in and took out the walls, as well the communities and people supposedly protected by them. That result is history, of course.

The voting in Pennsylvania, the early voting, reached almost seven million ballots submitted a few days back. Of those seven million ballots returned, in a state that is supposed to be polling fairly closely between the two candidates, the number of democrats submitting votes was nearly five million. It is not possible, until after the election, when the ballots are counted, beginning on November 3rd, to know which candidate each ballot was recorded as being for, but the party of the submitters is made public.

Do the math. The republicans have built some big tsunami walls over the past four years, but it’s beginning to look like they didn’t build them high enough, and now it’s truly too late…the water is slowly running out of the republican harbor, and it will continue to do that for the next few days, until the wave comes.

~~ James Strauss



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