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The legend of the Beast of Bray Road lives on. The Halloween season is the perfect setting for anything spooky, ghoulish, or hair-raising. A perfect example of the spirit of the Halloween season is embodied by the legend of the Beast of Bray Road.

Legend has it that this human-like werewolf lives on Bray Road in rural Elkhorn. He is between six and seven feet tall, with a human-style body and covered in rough coarse grayish-brown fur or hair, and with a head resembling that of a wolf. Think about a traditional Werewolf or Big Foot creature of lore, but right here around and hulking in local communities.

The creature was first reported being seen in 1936 by a man named Shackleman, who was crossing his fields after a long day at work. He noticed a shadow, too big to be a dog or animal, on all fours, digging into a mound. Shackleman could tell that, even from a distance, the animal was not a dog, and then suddenly it stood up, looked at him, and let out a loud growl. The stunned man smelled rotting meat. He wondered if maybe the beast had buried its food into the mound and had come back for dinner. The same thing happened the next night, as Shackleman lay hidden and waiting nearby, but Shackleman never saw the beast again.

Sightings became more common in the 1980s and 1990s. All witnesses have had one thing in common, the beast is seen to be extremely large, possibly weighing between 400 to 700 pounds, although it has not been witnessed, or deemed to be, an aggressive creature. Fast forward to 2021, and sightings are popping up again.

A man was driving through Elkhorn after visiting Lake Geneva back in January of this year, just days before the ‘super blue blood moon.’ Late at night, he saw a wolf run across the road on its hind legs and figured the full moon was causing the animal to act suspiciously, not that the man was used to seeing wolves in the area at all. The creature ran just like any human would and did not stumble or look awkward, swinging its front legs like a human would swing its hands. This folklore and legend have led to many sightings, books, movies, TV show appearances, and much more.

When and where will be the next sighting? Perhaps a drive down Bray Road might be in order, late at night on Halloween to celebrate the true spirit of this wonderful holiday, and maybe, with great luck or substantial imagination, see the Bray Beast in all its hidden glory. There was talk and sightings twelve years ago, in great numbers, of a Big Foot creature wandering in and around the state park located at (most aptly named) BigFoot Beach. The latest sighting there reported to the Geneva Shore Report, of that behemoth (more apelike than a wolf) was last fall, also right before Halloween. No evidence could be found of anything resembling the presence, past or present of this creature, but it remains curious that such a creature, as well as the Bray Beast, have been so frequently discussed and even sighted in an area that is not known to be filled with a population that takes much to flights of fancy.

Is there any truth to these stories and sightings? The Geneva Shore Report remains completely open about the possibility. Wonderful warm and quality sweatshirts are available to be purchased at the Avant Bicycle and Coffee Shop located on Broad Street, next door to what used to be the downtown theater (only God and some secret investors know what it’s going to grow up to become now that it is closed). The sweatshirts have a great artist’s rendition of what the Bray Beast might look like illustrated across the chest. Great Halloween stuff.

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