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The continuing saga of Popeye’s Restaurant plays along, day by day and week by week. October 6th is the next legal juncture up in Elkhorn at the normally tough, and some say ‘painfully just’, administration of justice at the Walworth County Court House. The part owner, and former manager of Popeye’s, is to appear once more to determine whether he should stand trial for allegedly assaulting one of his young male employees two weeks ago over some personal affront regarding the manager’s girlfriend. The manager was able to post a ten-thousand-dollar signature bond (he signed to get out) after spending one night in the lockup. Because of this violent altercation, and the viciousness of the attack, the background of the attacker was looked into by GSR X-files investigators. Some interesting things came up in that investigation.

A few years ago questions were raised when a former employee of Popeye’s was found dead in the trunk of a car parked in a lot at O’Hare. And then there was the suicide of Riccardo (Rick) J. Callan which took place somewhere around December 29th of 2012. Why is this suicide of note, and why did the X-Files investigators put in a request under the Freedom of Information Act for this man’s file? Because the manager of Popeye’s was named in the investigation. Callan was the parking lot manager for many years. A suicide note was found after Callan allegedly shot himself in the head while in a car purportedly belonging to Popeye’s restaurant. Callan had been mentored by the late Mr. Anagnos senior and developed into an effective manager. When Mr. Anagnos senior died, his son (the man charged with assaulting an employee) didn’t care for Callan. How is any of that known today? Because Callan left a suicide note. The file contains only one minor entry about a note being discovered, but nothing was ever disclosed to the public, even though it is reputed to graphically depict behavior on the part of the accused manager of Popeye’s allegedly driving him to suicide because of beatings, as well as verbal and psychological abuse in front of others. All this information was going to be released by a Lake Geneva Police Department that consistently operates with integrity and professional transparency until Dan “Small Ball” Draper gets into the game.

Dan Draper

Dan Draper, City of Lake Geneva Attorney

Draper intercepted the final report before it was released and allegedly excised everything from the report regarding any abuse, supposedly to save the family of Rick Callan more suffering and pain. Mr. Draper cited Wisconsin Statutes that allow such intervention to “minimize further suffering by crime victims” to support his actions. Since suicide is a crime in Wisconsin, then it is presumed that Mr. Draper’s normal and incompetent logic was to minimize any further suffering on the part of Mr. Callan, since he was indeed the perpetrator and primary victim of his own crime. What is going on with the City of Lake Geneva and its inability to come clean about nearly everything? Dennis Dion, the totally messed up police officer who accused his own police chief of nearly everything except being kidnapped by aliens and sexually tortured, and who finally resigned from the department in disgrace, was the officer who first came upon Mr. Callan’s dead body.

How fitting is it, that Mr. Small Ball Draper would support that officer’s report, and hold back anything of merit on what might have suggested others’ culpability? To protect Mr. Callan from further pain? One might think that perhaps ‘Small Ball’ is an entrenched believer in a multiple lives religion. Small Ball did indicate that if the GSR wanted the note then the paper could file suit and get a Writ of Mandamus (for about five grand). Will the suicide note be entered into evidence at the coming arraignment of the Dimitri Anagnos (Popeye’s part-owner and former manager) on his assault charge on October 6th?

Only the Shadow knows…

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