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Octoberfest in Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva’s next big celebration of the year is the upcoming Octoberfest. Broad Street will be shut down; hay bales will be strewn all over the place for seating; bands will set up and perform, and children will be able to play in all sorts of fun inflatable chambers. Delicious food will be everywhere, with stands and small barbecues set up all over the place. Some special spots? The Geneva Java Coffee Shop at 252 Center Street is renting a machine to produce fresh caramel corn. The machine will begin blasting the stuff into sugary goodness starting on Friday of this week. On the corner of Broad and Main there’s always a little bitty barbecue joint set up that produces the finest roasted turkey legs anywhere. The GSR bought ten of them last year, and is planning on ten more this year.

The following weekend offers the 10th annual Elkhorn Oktoberfest  on Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 9-5pm in Veterans and Pocket Parks in Elkhorn.


Matthew McConaughey and the ongoing rumor about his coming to Lake Geneva:
The rumor refuses to die. Mr. McConaughey was allegedly spotted in Fontana several months back driving a large new sedan. The man spotting him is a respectable businessman in that community. Then, late Saturday afternoon, Mr. McConaughey and his wife were supposedly spotted on the alleged new McConaughey real estate lot on South Lake Shore Drive. The man spotting the couple this time is a construction worker who was on site at a neighboring property. By the time investigators arrived the couple was gone, and the construction witness didn’t have his cell phone on him to take a picture.   In spite of these witness reports, the GSR cannot confirm that the couple will be building on the lot being prepped for construction, or that they plan to occupy it once it is built. That lot is getting the full time attention of the secret video team employed by the X-files Investigations professionals, though, who have an office upstairs from the Geneva Java Coffee Shop. The sign on their door, (interesting and ominous in and of itself), has a chess piece (knight) imprint, and the words “…will travel,” just underneath. Hopefully these professionals will solve this nagging mystery. Was the owner of the radio station Lake 96.1 given correct information when he called the realtor and she told him that the buyer was not McConaughey, or was he given false information because, as he admitted, his station isn’t in the news business?

Matthew McConaughey Property?

The Matthew McConaughey property view toward the lake. Is this really the right place where he was
supposedly spotted walking along, cell phone to her ear, and enjoying the view?


The Town of Linn Board met last Tuesday. The focus of the meeting was the revamp they are planning to the comprehensive plan. This vital plan is all that controls the development of lakefront property along the great stretches of lakeside property that the Town of Linn residents own. The meeting decided only that there would be no quick fixes or changes to the plan. The town board is going to take its time considering the effects of any changes that may get made, which was a message well received by all attending.

A Grand Person in Our Place

Andy Spiton Lake Geneva

Andy Spiton Lake Geneva’s Hipster Ambassador nominee. Andy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, hanging around all the coolest of places. Rock Central. Geneva Java. Potbelly. Andy directs people to where they might want to go with a big smile. He also plays guitar and sings at local stores and restaurants. You will want Andy as a great new friend after meeting him.

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