No one in city government today, in this time of intense communication and computerization, can afford to take any activity or responsibility lightly and the case of Ron Carstensen might best be described as illustrating that fact.  Mr. Carstensen is about to become a convicted felon because he worked for irresponsible and careless leaders who either totally ignored the department he was attempting to run (he ran the street department under the supposed leadership of Dan Winkler, head of public utilities) or simply didn’t give a damn (his overall boss was Dennis (his darkness) Jordan.

Winkler still sits atop his “highest paid city employee” fiefdom although Jordan has gone off into a field with the other bulls to continue to spread his damaged seed as head of the (unbelievably this is not a joke) conservancy district for the lake and also aboard as a member of the police and fire commission.  One wonders if the board members of the conservancy and Mayor Jim (Gumby) Connors who appointed him are illiterate, blind or merely uncaring in allowing Jordan’s past poor performance to be so richly rewarded.  Mr. Carstensen was “allowed” to accept a plea bargain making him a felon on one count while dropping most of the rest of the junk he was charged with.  It’s stated in the plea bargain (which Judge Reddy up at the strangely Quixotic “but without the heart” courthouse at Walworth County) that the judge does not have limit sentencing because of any plea bargain agreement thereby adding more worry and misery to Ron’s already destroyed life.

What will happen to the multi-thousand page investigative report that lead to this ridiculous conviction?  Is there any doubt about that, given the conduct of such political game playing in the past?  The man who should be on trial but will never appear in court is none other than “Mr. Darkness himself” Jordan, who just happens to be on that police and fire commission in charge of whether the current police chief of Lake Geneva keeps his job.  The man who spearheaded the city’s longest investigation in history.

What a weird coincidence that the man so culpable would be placed in such a dominant position.  Maybe the best thing about the whole Carstensen running nightmare (for him) ends up with Utah Blaine being brought in as city administrator and quiet possibly Mayor Connors retiring back to being a steel salesman in Illinois.  Because of giving away some Lake Geneva salt for no gain of his own Mr. Carstensen will never be able to possess a gun or hunt again in his life.  He’ll not be allowed home defense weapons of any sort.  He’ll be kept out of every licensed job that might have been otherwise available to him throughout the entire expanse of the United States for life.

Is there justice in the universe and if there is how much of it exists in Lake Geneva or the County of Walworth?


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