In the fastest recorded vote in the Town of Linn Board’s history, without the preamble of the Pledge of Allegiance, religious homily or any other comment, the board, (headed up by local townsman (now hero) Jim Weiss), voted unanimously to deny the Geneva Inn’s request to change the town’s comprehensive plan for the coming year. The meeting was made up of five board members who attended the last open hearing meeting, and then heard and felt the ire of their constituency afterwards.

The Geneva Inn motion was denied because of procedural missteps on the part of the planning commission. Earlier in the week, Cully “Machine Gun” Pillman, one of the commission members, had browbeaten, bashed and forced a three to two vote in favor of the plan change. But, as it turned out, due to close scrutiny by opposing attorneys from Care For Lake Geneva, and even closer study by Sue Polyock (a wonderful woman who serves as secretary to the board) the rules regarding public hearings had been violated, and therefore the findings of the commission had to be thrown out for possible later re-introduction. A later re-introduction, with proper hearings scheduled, however, will not allow the Geneva Inn forces (of darkness) to get a favorable recommendation from the board in time to make the November meeting cut off at the county.

The county only meets once a year to discuss comprehensive plan modifications within the County of Walworth. This ‘emergency’ board meeting was convened only days after the Cully decision, and without general public notice, but sixty-one concerned residents found out and showed up anyway. After the vote was taken, the meeting ended immediately, with everyone’s hero-board chairman Weiss-slamming the back door angrily-and departing amidst a ripple of applause

Front Page Plaudits:

On any given Sunday. The members of The Anchor Church, fifty of them strong, are out on the streets

Anchor Cevenant Church Volunteering

Darlene and Diane, from the Anchor
Church. Wonderful women and doing great
normally silent work just because it is a good
thing to do.

of Lake Geneva picking up trash with their little ‘mini-dragon’ clippers at the ends of what have come to be called selfie sticks. But these church members are not about their own work. No, they are about the work of God, and specifically the New Testament writings of God.

They were out this last Sunday. No scrap of paper, or misplaced penny, or even a chunk of gum, was safe in the Lake Geneva downtown area. The only other person, besides these living saints, the Geneva Shore Report has ever heard of doing that kind of work is former city alderperson Terry O’Neill. He’s out on the streets every morning before Lake Geneva wakes up. How do we thank people who do such selfless work? They don’t want thanks. They get thanks from above. All we, the recipients of their work and love, can do is pray for them, and give them back that same sort of love. Thank you!

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