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They’re doing some building at the American Legion Canteen, located at the corner of Library Park just up from the Lake Geneva Beach area. What’s going on? Some good stuff. A new fence to spruce up the place, some paint, and some other repair of woodwork. Buying a hot dog from that stand now means that you are supporting America’s military. Everybody in Lake Geneva should buy a hot dog, and more, every time they pass that place. What does Wisconsin do for it’s veterans, other than give boring speeches once or twice a year, and hold an annual parade? About the only thing Wisconsin does for veterans in general is charge them an extra thirty-five bucks a year for their auto registration (in New Mexico and three other states…all democratic…wounded veterans drive for free!). Go buy a hot dog or a polish sausage. Buy a couple, our guys and gals who’ve been in uniform are worth it!

The parking lot issue, with respect to the Lake Geneva School Board (headed up by God (Gottshenk) himself over there), is not a done deal. Just before Town of Linn did the right thing, Lake Geneva in their Monday night meeting last, refused to fast track the parking lot deal, in the Maple Park National Historic District , the school board was trying to hustle past city residents. But the school board is anything but defeated. Quietly, they are offering to take the historic home that sits on the current prospective parking lot site, and move it.
What would be the cost of that?
And would it be worth it to get a parking lot that just about everyone in the community knows they don’t need?
What difference does it make?
The Administrator gets an increase in his six figure salary every year, regardless of what projects he chooses to spend taxpayer money on.   If he were to give the money to the teachers themselves, or even distribute it to the forty percent of Lake Geneva’s children forced to accept subsidized lunches, he’d probably either have to resign from shameful republican behavior, or die of compassionate economic apoplexy.

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Forever Love

Bob Bognar. 86. Wife died in 2013. Sits near her at the cemetery off Highway 50 almost every day. Now what could be grander than that kind of love?

What’s going on at Riviera Pier?

The owners of Del Sol, one of the concessionaires located along the interior runway of the pier complex, wanted to see if she could sell her business. Whether it’s possible to sell one of those concessions, due to rules about the concession contracts such holders have with the City of Lake Geneva, is not currently in question. Prior to getting to that point the owner found a prospective buyer, but then the buyer backed out when he allegedly ‘discovered’ that the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Visitors and Convention Bureau Tax Authority might be taking the entire building over from the city, and booting all the current concessionaires out.
Is there any truth to that rumor?
The answer to that question remains unknown. Nobody’s talking, at least not to the Geneva Shore Report. But the GSR is certainly listening with carefully placed ears pressed to the ground…and the walls of the chamber…and beneath the waters under the pier.

Dels Kandy Cove Lake Geneva

Del’s Candy Cove. At the Riviera Pier. What is the fate of the Pier Concessionaires? The GSR has our ear to the ground. Meanwhile be sure to enjoy fudge made the day before. Go in there and you will see.

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