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Popeye the Sailor Man

Popeye’s on Lake Geneva, located on Wrigley Drive right up from the Riviera Pier, is the most popular and largest restaurant in downtown Lake Geneva or Geneva Lake.   Everyone either knows about the place, or has been there. Last Saturday, in the early morning hours, a workplace skirmish took place between Dimitri Anagnos, part owner and general manager, and some of his waitstaff and bar employees concerning gossip about Dimitri Anagnos’ girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend of hers.

Allegedly, Dimitri Anagnos was initially present during the after work get together. Apparently after he left the restaurant, conversations occurred regarding the ex-boyfriend of Dimitri’s girlfriend. Since employees may or may not have been involved in some of these conversations, he returned to the restaurant to get more information from said employees. Unknown to James Wollman a server at the restaurant that had remained beyond Dimitri’s leave taking, Dimitri returned to the restaurant. While James was in the restroom, Dimitri waited outside to confront James. James came out of the restroom and the rest was all captured on video that has been delivered to the Lake Geneva Police Department under warrant. Dimitri allegedly overpowered James and injured him badly. The young man was hospitalized and is seeking further medical assistance.  He required six staples in his skull, and numerous stitches.

Dimitri surrendered himself to the Lake Geneva Police Department on Monday afternoon. He was promptly arrested and transported to Walworth County Jail. There he is waiting to be formally charged with three felonies (according to the Lake Geneva Police Department). He was arraigned by video just prior to this issue’s publication. What’s going to happen to Popeye’s restaurant? Amy (Dimitri’s girlfriend) one of the restaurant’s managers, was allegedly terminated. Dimitri is in jail awaiting disposition of his case. James Wollman has retained a local attorney to protect his interest during the criminal case and whatever may come thereafter. Were there any indicators in Dimitri’s background that he had issues with violence? Sources close to this paper have shared several stories of past alleged outbursts and in some cases alleged violence. Hopefully the criminal and civil court actions he’s allegedly going to be served with will reveal more about what really happened.

At this time the future of Popeye’s restaurant is in question. For now the restaurant remains open, but will Dimitri be bonded out of jail to return to the restaurant and pick up where he left off until the time of his trial? If not who will take his place? And what of all the employees who work at Popeye’s Restaurant? The continuance of the business has to be paramount in the minds of everyone concerned. In order for this beloved family built and run restaurant to sustain itself through this crisis it will need the support of the entire community. Whether that support will appear remains to be seen.

On Tuesday, Dimitri with help from his lawyer Larry Steen, was freed on a $10,000 signature bond. He can’t drink, have guns or be around the witnesses even though they all work at Popeye’s. The next hearing is on October 6th. Dimitri walked, paid nothing and was given toothless restrictions. The witnesses willing to come forward will no doubt be terminated by the time this is written.

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