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Whose Art is it? So, what’s going on with the Bonnie “Downton Abbey” Deutsch scandal?
This is the scandal wherein art patron Deutsch encouraged and supported sculptor and painter Joseph Kinnebrew in becoming an internationally famous artist. Was Joe’s alleged cross-dressing not enough? Will the case be settled out of court or will mega-million dollar attorneys be brought in to forever delay some resolution? No settlement discussions are in the offing at the present time. Ms. Deutsch has indicated that the properties (Joe Kinnebrew’s artwork that adorns the estate lawns to this day) were something she kept in trust for Joe because he was not capable of taking care of them himself. Is it any wonder that Joe had to file multiple law suits to get his stuff back when such a blasé excuse as Ms. Deutsch delivered is attempted? So far, there has been no response on the Deutsch side in court. It would appear this case will be on the docket for a November hearing, barring settlement.

Peet's Coffee Shop Lake Geneva CLOSED

What’s going to happen to the old coffee shop?   The old Caribou headquarters on Main Street right next door to Potbelly Sandwich Shop is vacant. Peet’s out of California came in and bought out Caribou and then spent half a million dollars rebuilding the interior. With that they bolted town. The place has been vacant going on a year. Right across the street sits the old site of the Bagel joint. It went out of business right after Peet’s failed. A distillery was going to move in and avoid having to have a liquor license by making their own mash and selling it on site. That little trick would have saved them a hundred and fifty grand (what hard liquor licenses go for in Lake Geneva these days when they are available, which none are right now) and allowed them to be the only place pulling this trick off in Wisconsin.

But something happened and nobody is talking. Now the empty ‘eyes’ of the old bagel shop stare sadly across the street into the empty eyes of Peet’s. Do the property owners really make any money by having these spaces empty? Is there some sort of agricultural subsidy being paid by the federal government? Illogic seems to prevail when considering some of the retail rental situations going on in downtown Lake Geneva.

Really Surprising Stuff

Eggplant Found Lake Geneva Farmer's Market

The GSR was trying to come up with a corny caption for this unique eggplant spotted at Lake Geneva’s Farmers Market. Lettuce know if you come up with one or maybe you don’t carrot all.

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