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What turnip truck did this current crop of supposed representatives of the residents of Lake Geneva fall off of?
Apparently, the truck didn’t even slow down when it left them strewn across Lake Geneva’s landscape. With the sometimes exception of Flower and Chappell, it seems like having a heart inside the ‘church’ chambers of the Lake Geneva Municipal Building is a concept left laying like road kill out in the parking lot.


Ron Carstensen

Ron Carstensen on the road…

On Monday night the Lake Geneva City Council decided to wait for their circus master Kordus (as in Cordite Bob Kordus), before fully sticking it to the very people who work so long, hard and quietly to run the entire city. And get blamed for any mishaps, it might be added. Carstensen is out there cruising the back roads of America after not being able to take it anymore, hopefully reliving Route 66 and doing good works. There are certainly no good works coming out of this council. They want to increase deductions to employee pay checks to the degree that it will break most of these employees.



  • Who can take a ten percent or more pay cut and survive?
  • Who can simply drop medical insurance (yes, the city proposal publicly encourages employees to simply run naked in the system!) for themselves and family?
  • What kind of cold-blooded, nasty and downright impolite operation would openly encourage such behavior?

This push is dominated by Bob Kordus, and supported by Gelting and Hedlund. It’s getting difficult to give this selection of elected clowns nick names because great names like Gumby, Darth Vader and even Mussolini have all been used. The city employees have already paid their dues for these “great” subsidized premiums they are being ordered to give up or pay through the nose for! That’s right, the employees were denied pay raises over the years by being told that they had the best medical insurance program anywhere. They bought that line. Fools!

Now the rug is pulled out from under them, because the people who made those promises moved on, and the new people who came in moved down Unkept Benefit Promisesfrom the North Pole, proving that the North Pole is not melting at all! How can council members sit in chambers and make such decisions and then go into the rest of the municipal building and face the very people they are determined to screw? What happened to the Bocce Ball courts, the “grassy knoll” put in front of the Riviera Pier, or even the totally unnecessary road expansion in front of the Utility Department on Highway 50?

What of them?

Why wasn’t just one of those unnecessary boondoggling and awful profit pieces of deliberate theft not forsaken so the employees of Lake Geneva would not have to take it in that place where the ‘sun don’t shine? Why does the smallest little paper in the whole state have to take the people who run Lake Geneva to task? Where is their knight on a white horse? There is not one soul coming forward who’s said anything but great things about the full body of city employees, from administration, police and on through the fire department personnel when they’ve had dealings with them (other than parking tickets, of course).

So why the attack on them?
Because lately it’s trendy.

Down in Illinois the retirement promises of almost a hundred years are being welched upon to supposedly save money. That’s been openly discussed in Wisconsin, as well. Since when have American communities, and even states, decided that the word of those who’ve come before them is meaningless? Where’s that being taught and why is it being allowed? It’s time for the citizens of Lake Geneva to stand up and support the people who’ve been putting in unpaid hours, working at ridiculous times and spending holidays to help us all instead of being with their families. If Kordus, Gelting and Hedlund want to push this outrageous violation of city employee’s rights and promises, then Kordus is not the only one who needs to be recalled, which he damn well needs to be.

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