Letter to the Editor

On July 10, the Walworth County Board of Supervisors gagged the voters of the county, deciding that the voters shouldn’t have a say in an important matter. Apparently, the board knows best.

At issue was a motion requesting that the state include an advisory referendum on the November ballot regarding the legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin.  Constituents asked to have this motion pass in order that we might be able to share our opinion with the state leadership. The motion was scheduled for a first public hearing on Monday the 16th. In what another newspaper characterized as “a rare move,” the board decided to kill the motion before it even had a proper hearing.  The problems are myriad. Representatives should always facilitate the people being able to express its opinions. Always. Furthermore, not allowing for scheduled commentary is the type of thing that shadow governments do. Also, the board member who submitted the motion on behalf of her constituents was not at the meeting but was on vacation with her family.

The agenda was amended to say, “refer to executive committee”, but instead, the nanny state decided without hearing from the people who expected its leaders to follow the prescribed and announced path.  The identical motion has already passed in Rock, Dane, Brown, and Milwaukee counties. Whether you’re for or against marijuana legalization, you should have the opportunity to state your opinion, although, apparently, not if you live in Walworth County.

Bob Peryea, Elkhorn resident


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