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I see you copied officials from the Town of Linn, who I have been meaning to write for some time. You made my job much more simple! I’m addressing the following letter to the officials of the Town of Linn. Although I reside in Fontana (Walworth Township), I just wanted to express my opinion, because what the Town of Linn does with regard to anything concerning Geneva Lake, affects other communities, shoreline owners, and lake access owners; like myself.

The officials of the Town of Linn certainly have a fiduciary responsibility to each of their citizens. I would argue however that their fiduciary duty actually goes further. Because the Town of Linn encompasses so much of Geneva Lake’s shoreline, these Town officials have a fiduciary responsibility to the greater Geneva Lake community. What goes on involving their shoreline involves every owner’s property values, every business owner’s livelihood and the economy of the entire area—which extends well beyond the borders of Linn. In my view, these town officials have had a unique opportunity presented to them. They can be real leaders representing their entire community as a whole, and not succumb to the will of special interests that lie in the very limited hands that focus on how it affects the Geneva Inn property(s).

They need to do what is right for the entire Geneva Lake community, and not allow further shore land development of the lake we love. It is too bad that the Geneva Lake Conservancy has apparently ‘sold themselves out’ around the issue of conserving the lake. Their watered down approach to both Big Foot Beach State Park and the Geneva Inn just doesn’t cut it for a not-for-profit organization supposedly dedicated to conservation. Just because they have given up doesn’t mean that the Town of Linn should as well. I ask that the Town Board to please think of all of us when you make your decisions concerning the Geneva Inn property.

Season’s Greetings, John Strong (Resident of the Village of Fontana on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin)


Another one….

RE: Meeting City Council-Planning November 30, 2015

I did not plan to speak at this meeting; however, seeing some the city council’s rude, arrogant behavior toward the speakers, I became pissed at those members who had done the same thing to me at the previous meeting. At the very end of the public hearing I decided to speak. I approached the podium and after stating my name, I forcefully said the following: “I have not planned on talking or saying anything.” [Then pointing to the residents at the meeting.] I said “This is your Town.” [then pointing to the city council] I said “not you” [again pointing to the residents] I said “These are the people who represent your town. Not a single person spoke up in favor of that (meaning the comprehensive plan change), except the people who will profit from it. If you have any conscience you will vote NO to a comprehensive plan change.”

Then I said “Thank you” and walked away from the podium.

Terry O’Neill, former Alderman and resident of Lake Geneva

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