Letter to the Editor

This letter was regarding the crosswalk accident on South Lakeshore Drive

Gee, Big Surprise isn’t it? How many every Summer Season does this happen btwn Near Misses to Hits.here? . Its a real Joke why this Even Exsits to continue like this.. Of course most of the Wknd Visitors are Just Mexicans and mostly immigrants that come from Milwaukee and Illinois anyway that over crowd the area and haven’t got clue about US Laws, etc.. Everytime I have to Go Into Town on wknds? I take the By Pass Rte ( From SLSD to 120 ) & Back to avoid it.., if necessary when comming upto this area? I stop, turn on Flashers and Crawl thru the area.. Expecting some Little Mexican Kid to Run accross the street..( Happens ave 50% of the time… I hope somebody sues the State Park For this.. It will be the only reason they change it.. Shut that Beach Down permamently.. its a joke so close and Right Next( 3ft) from the Road and no barriors either to protect Sun Bathers either.. Waiting for a Car to Run off the road into the Sun Bathers on the Beach next. ¬†And how about Going there and Filmming On a Hot Sunday afternoon to show what its REALY LIKE there? I have Pics, but a dashcam would do it if anyone has any, send it to them..A Ranger ought to be out there as a Crossing Guard..Until they get hit! Then¬†Might Shut that Beach Down.. Where’s the State of Wi. In all this? Allowing this Beach to be like it is? And how about Our State Rep..- Tyler August ? Where’s he in this Mess? FYI- Sent Story to Our State Rep./Tyler August to see what, if anything he will do about this Very Dangerous Area.. Maybe the Governor ought to Chime in? Since The City of LG and Walworth Cnty. haven’t been able to do anything .. Dennis T. Menace (Editor note: writer claims this is his real name), Lake Geneva resident

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