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Targeting Target.
What’s going on with that parking lot? Most of the parking lot is roped off, and heavy equipment is working everywhere. The entire sidewalk in front of the main building has been replaced with new concrete. Already? What has happened to quality concrete work across America? It seems that road and parking lots across the land are being replaced because of poor quality materials used, and shoddy work performed, when the original construction is done.

Target Lot

The new Starbucks is taking shape down there in the corner parking lot where Wal-Mart is located. This building is going to house a drive through Starbucks and an AT&T sales shop. Don’t get the idea that you can get your current cell phone fixed at that cell phone shop. It’s all about sales. You get your cell phone fixed by going Online, or by tossing it and going to the sales store to buy another. According to AT&T, when called, they indicated that the new iPhone 8, coming out in September or October would cost a cool one thousand dollars in cash, or much less if linked to a lifetime (actually three year) contract with AT&T.

Starbucks doesn’t do contracts, but they will have blindingly quick service at the drive through. Apparently, the company has purchased some new expresso machines that brew the coffee in only seconds instead of minutes. Whether quality will be one of the things lost in the new process is anybody’s guess. You will have to decide for yourself after the store opens in September.

Person of the Week

Jaime Sanders Lake Geneva

Jamie Sanders is a wonderful woman. She loves being a part of the Lake Geneva community. Jamie truly enjoys anything Lake Geneva, and her art is how she shares this love with others. Jamie has spent many summers at Camp One Step in Williams Bay, volunteering her time in the art department. Her many lake-themed hand crafted items have become a great art display which she shows at the Lake Geneva Farmers Market every Thursday.

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