Have you noticed the traffic this summer? How about going south on Center Street from Geneva to a left turn on Main? Even our new million dollar stop lights some times keeps you backed up even before you get to Geneva! And our city “leaders,” including the Mayor and City Manager, are doing everything possible to bring more cars to the city. Like the proposed Hillmore development, and the new senior housing development.

Build, build, build. Guess what, more building means more cars. More cars mean more traffic, more stop lights, more road widening (50 up from Burger King), more police and fire, and yes, eventually more parking lots, multi story. But that won’t solve the problem.  My suggestion (I know it will fall on deaf ears) is just stop building! Protect our green. To replace green with bricks (Riviera fountain) and more green with sand (new beach expansion project), is not the correct strategy. Every future project should be judged by the simple question; will there be less green when it’s through? If the answer is “yes,” then don’t do it! Less green, more cars. Perhaps I’m just an old fussbudget, but we are very close to losing the gem that we have. Rick Steinberg, Lake Geneva resident


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