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The Trump border wall comes to Lake Geneva.
Mexico is not going to pay for it. If you are a taxpayer, or fee payer having any association with or doing anything in and around the City of Lake Geneva, then you are going to pay for it. Where’s it going to? Not at BigFoot Beach, they used wasps, cut down the trees and called in ICE to take care of that immigrant problem. Nope. The wall is going to go in at the beach downtown. It will have to be built to shore up the remainder of Library Park, as they work to slowly eradicate that free park, and turn it into an addition to the “pay to play” beach sandlot.

The price is up to $380,000 for digging into the park side, moving the fence and then building a retaining wall. That’s right. A job worth about fifty thousand ($50,000) is about to be given out for three hundred and eighty thousand ($380,000), unless this bobbing head city council changes its mind. About the only one on that council concerned about these issues, is the woman who crochets through the meetings. Maybe she’s got it right. Maybe almost none of what is being said up there on that raised dais is worth listening to. She voted no. Some contractor is going to be tickled to death to get a job that pays a six hundred percent profit. Oh, sorry, that seems to be the normal city contract extended these days. Again, at what point is the public going to have enough of this kind of behavior?


There was a murder in Chicago and that is no surprise.
Somehow, though, the effects were felt all the way up in Lake Geneva. Two men killed some other guy down in Chicago, and then traveled to Lake Geneva to make a thousand-dollar contribution in the murdered guy’s name at the Lake Geneva Public Library. The library took the cash, of course, being this library. When queried about the odd contribution and its even odder acceptance, the library management said that the case was under local police investigation, so they could not comment. Since library employees are not police officers that part could not have been true, and then it was found that the police in Lake Geneva aren’t investigating the situation at all. One wonders why the presence of two likely killers presenting money to the staff of the library is not a cause of more open concern, but then stranger things have happened. Or have they? It would be interesting if the public was to write in and try to figure out why such a course of strange actions might have taken place, since neither the police department nor the library is likely to continue wondering what took place and why.

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