Letter to the Editor


Mr. Kangaroo Kordus the local bully. City Council President Bob Kordus took great relish in holding his Kangaroo Court Monday night during the City’s 12/11 Council Meeting. He succeeded in getting Ted Peters to prostrate himself before the Council to justify the need for a scientifically based organization to monitor and protect Geneva Lake. Peters presented analytical studies and technical articles showing the continuous threats all inland lakes are exposed to and how the diagnostic monitoring is done by the GLEA is always there to protect the water quality of Geneva Lake and safeguard the community of boaters and swimmers with the assurance that the health of the lake is under constant surveillance. Tom Reynolds from Fontana told the Council that Ted Peters is the top scientist on lake quality in the state and that all the other lakes in Wisconsin consult Ted Peters for help and advice. Rick Pappas is one of Fontana’s representatives on the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency as is LaMarr “Sparky” Lundberg of Williams Bay and both reported they have witnessed Ted Peters’ contribution to Geneva Lake for over 40 years.

Tom Leith from Linn Township wanted desperately to be on hand to offer his support but had an important Town Board Meeting in Linn to attend. Fortunately, there were enough Aldermen ( Skates, Halverson, Howell, Flower) wanting to keep Geneva Lake protected by the “Top Scientist” operating the top environmental agency in the State of Wisconsin, GLEA, to provide the city’s contribution of $20,000 to support the GLEA. After the meeting, Ted Peters went to Kordus and suggested a meeting with Kordus and the GLEA Board to iron out any remaining problems the city might have with Ted personally or with the GLEA and its mode of operation— which is how the matter should have been handled in the first place. Kordus’ claim at the Finance Meeting on Tuesday 12/5 that Ted Peters was speaking openly during Public Hearings without the GLEA Board’s authorization was proven false as was Kordus’ claim that all the septic testing in Linn was being paid by the GLEA equally among all 4 Municipalities instead of only by the Linn Sanitary District. Kordus told Ted Peters it was too late for negotiating because the GLEA already won the vote for the support funding it needed and he lost his all his “leverage to negotiate.”

Kordus wasn’t interested in talking or negotiating with the GLEA unless they were stripped of funding and without the contract, the city created back in the 1970’s, so he could be on top and in a superior position. Google says the definition of “Bully is a person who uses influence, strength or power to intimidate or harm those who are weaker to do what one wants.”

William Manaford Wilson, Lake Geneva Resident, District 1

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