Letters to the Editor

When is Ross going to start building? And I know not Walworth County, but Mukwonago is getting an Arby’s. I wish Lake Geneva would get one. It would do amazing here. And a Texas Roadhouse, or Portillo’s. Why doesn’t Lake Geneva have more franchise restaurants? All the downtown ones aren’t that great and way overpriced. And Delavan has Chilis which I personally think isn’t very good.

Amber Schaefer     Lake Geneva Resident [/box]



Times are changing. I think in the future we will see more women in full-time careers. In the past women have taken time out to raise a family. I know of instances now where the husband is staying home with children while the wife works full-time! We will see how the pay for women measures up then.  Karen Gunderson Martinez  Lake Geneva Resident


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