Letters to the Editor


Letter to the editor by Tom Kincaid, noted local Geneva Lake architect. I was very much in favor of a Wisconsin Dells environment at one time. Having been the waterskiing director of the Tommy Bartlett Sky and Water Show for two seasons many years ago. My wife and I were driving down from northern Wisconsin not long ago and decided to interrupt our trip from the north woods and drop in on the Dells on our way home to revisit some old memories.

We were stunned by what we witnessed. We drove through, past the various venues and then through the downtown area. The carnage was beyond belief. We both asked ourselves and each other the same question: “why would anyone on earth want to live in the Wisconsin Dells?” Please do not allow our beautiful lake communities to be ‘annexed’ by what is now the Wisconsin Dells.



Letter to the editor by Ruth (the Kite Lady) Hackman. Isn’t this the brainless-child of Doug Skates? Perhaps the GSR can work on his background. On the face of it, this event is so presumptuous assuming they can intrude on people’s property around the lake. Where does Skates get off giving the rights to everyone? Very few people ever walk the whole lake and the people who do are nature lovers and treat the land they are walking on with reverence and awe. They stay on the path and never ever discard even a piece of paper. There aren’t bathrooms anywhere around the lake. Tell me what is a group of 300 people going to do for this 8-hour trek around the lake. When I called city hall and mentioned the bathrooms are NOT even open in our city. How can we accommodate estimated 500 the city has invited? I was told, “The city did NOT invite these people.” Then who did? The city gave them permission. Is this another Trump denial event?

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