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“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
The most serious problem that the city faces today is a fundamental law of nature “nature abhors a vacuum and it sucks in everything that surrounds it”. With the removal of the last of those old time leaders who dominated the City of Lake Geneva a vacuum has been created in city management that is being filled with outsiders.

Individually, they are fine, but collectively they no longer represent the residents, or their viewpoints. In some cases, this is leading to the city heading in the wrong direction. It is traveling down a one-way, dead end street of development in an attempt to solve the city’s current financial spending problem. Problems that have been inherited from the previous city administration plague the new leadership. But development is not the solution to the city’s problem, nor is another change in city management the answer. Disciplined control and guidance over city management is the solution. That control should be, and technically is, in the hands of the city council. But that is not the current reality in Lake Geneva, where the city council, instead of leading is being led.

So residents need to take an active vocal role and give guidance to the city council, or it will continue down its current path of destruction by development. Where cutting down trees and clearing land is called improvement; where paving roads and streets over trails and paths is called progress; where replacing shrubs and grass with bricks and concrete is call beautification; where houses and apartments buildings replace crops and farm land. People do not visit the City of Lake Geneva because it looks like a suburb. They visit because it does not look like the city, or a suburb, and it gives them a break from their hectic city and suburban environments. The more the city develops the area around it, then the more it will look like what people come here to escape, and the less appealing the City of Lake Geneva will be to them and to those who live here.

Care Free Boat Club

Care Free Boat Club Lake Geneva

Care Free Boat Club is coming to Lake Geneva. Actually it’s already here. Care Free Boat Club is a business you pay a fee to be a member of and you then you don’t have to care. They do the care part. The fee covers the boat, maintenance, insurance and storage. It’s sort of a timeshare for boats. This is all happening at Baker House. Go there and learn how to party out on the water.

City Alderperson Skates, normally referred to as “Thin Ice Skates,” is at it again.
This former city planning commissioner, elevated to the city council, appears to be anything but in favor of doing things that could help Lake Geneva build itself into an ever more growing hub of quality and worth. Skates was right in there trying his tiny heart out to annex the Geneva Inn, and now he claims that although he runs the Lake Geneva shore path all the time, that he runs too fast to see all the Geneva Lake Association’s signs that warn of ‘no sporting events’ allowed on the shore path. Quite possibly, Mr. Skates and Ms. Chappell might find common ground. He’ll keep Chappell awake, and her contented quietude will slow Mr. Skates to a crawl. This may all work out. Ms. Chappell, who won’t read, finds a kindred spirit in a man who moves too fast to read. America’s president does not read and is proud of it. It is hoped that Ms. Chappell and Mr. Skates will follow a different drummer.

New Direction for Increased Power?

Power line changing?

Power lines are going in along South Lake Shore Road. The trees on the south side of the road are being taken down to accommodate the new triply powerful lines, all seemingly headed for the Hummel property. What’s going on? Further investigation follows….

The trust funders and mafia businesses of Lake Geneva. The Geneva Shore Report continues to investigate and attempt to classify those businesses that don’t give a damn about making money, or losing it, and find out with the reasons why. The GSR X-Files investigators have come up with a list of eleven local businesses around Geneva Lake that fit into this bifurcated category. Trust fund run businesses are ‘in business’ to allow the trust-funder behind the business to give an appearance of being involved in the community, and also doing something of import and character that will be respected, instead of just clipping coupons or collecting dividends and interest. Trust fund businesses don’t care if money is made or lost. You know you are shopping in a trust fund business when it seems like nobody gives a damn whether you buy anything or not. There’s a business ennui that communicates itself into the very fabric of the entity’s very being. Mafia businesses, on the other hand, tolerate business, but let it be known in subtle ways that they don’t really want to do business. Those operations are money launderers where drug or other illegally gained currency is brought in, usually in cash, because its source cannot ever be known, and then tacked onto whatever small proceeds come in the door. Both trust fund and mafia laundering businesses have the same characteristics of being very expensively built in, run by a skeleton crew, and possessed of a nearly completely careless attitude to, and about customers. Eleven businesses will be published following further investigation. The reading public can probably name five or six of these community-damaging businesses without any help from the GSR.

Torcaso’s Cobbler Shop

Torcaso's Shoe Repair Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva has an old world cobbler who does new world miracles. Check out these boots,
brought back from the dead for sixty-five bucks. Man oh man…give me that old time religion, the owner
murmured, forking over the money with a huge smile. Be sure to visit Torcaso’s at 253 Center St # 800.


Featured Photo from Cool Hand Luke, 1967 movie starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy.

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