Letters to the Editor

I met Mr. Strauss at a meeting city. I support his paper’s efforts to say “no to change the comprehensive plan to favor the developer.” I did call and left messages for the Mayor and Aldermen/women to vote ‘no.’ Only Ms. Flower was home. She wanted to know how I would like to develop the Hillmor property, and I suggested to keep it public and have a Gofundme site so people could buy back the property for the city. I tried to get online with the ‘peopleschoice.org’ but was unable to figure out how to do that. Please give help me with the site access. I also reminded her that non-resident property owners pay at least forty percent of the taxes. And, that this dense development would negatively affect home values along with that of other property owners. Good luck tonight! Barbara Gaffke, Lake Geneva resident

The GSR will look into what percentage of the taxes are paid by non-resident property owners.


Please take the time to say thanks to Popeye’s, Tuscan, Geneva Java and many others for their selfless gift of “free meals” as a gift of recognition to all Veterans.  And a huge Thank You to the aforementioned for their wonderful gift of encouragement, hope and generosity. This “Thank You” comes from a United States Marine of the Vietnam era when recognition and thank you to veterans were not the rule of the day. It was my honor to serve the nation in the best way I thought possible at the time. I didn’t stop to think that the citizens might not appreciate that service.   I am so happy and relieved that my service is now appreciated. I had the lobster special at the Tuscan and it was wonderful, as were the people who served me. Edwin J. “SKI” Korczynski, E-2/USMC, Town of Linn Resident

The Geneva Shore Report included thanks in this issue Surprising Stuff

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