Letter to the Editor

The following letter was written to the GLA president Jack Goggins by Dick Malmin:
GLA Mission Statement “Since 1935 the Geneva Lake Association has been the guardian of Geneva Lake, and the surrounding area”.

Dear Jack and GLA Officials:

Geneva Lake is looking for an organization of heroic proportions that can step forward and use their prestige and august reputation to represent an abused, desperate, and depressed client whose way of life is in grave danger of coming to an end. If this abuse isn’t stopped now and becomes officially sanctioned, the abuse will not only continue, it will spread everywhere like a cancer. We all know there’s only one organization in the Geneva Lake Community capable of taking on a task of this magnitude, it’s you – the Geneva Lake Association. The client, in case you haven’t already guessed, is the Geneva Lake Residential Lakeshore and it badly needs its guardian and defender to prevent it from going down the rabbit hole of commercialization. The force and acceptance of the Covenant Doctrine that has been effective in keeping commercialization off the lakeshore till now, is being circumvented in favor of the almighty dollar and increased tax revenue. The serpent responsible for tempting both the City of Lake Geneva and the Town of Linn to bite the juicy apple of tax revenue, and thereby disregarding the will of the community, is the Geneva Inn. They understand that once they officially break the ban on lakeshore commercialization, they open up the entire lakeshore like Pandora’s Box to any kind of commercial development.

The Geneva Inn has been rabidly pursuing this creed of greed jihad since 2003 when Grace Hanny used petitions and public opinion to pause their cause until it reappeared in 2015 when it took threats of legal action to temporarily halt their scourge of commercialization on the Lakeshore. Today we can no longer stop their momentum with individual petitions, although we have about 800 of them. It will take an organization that speaks softly, but carries a big stick, like the GLA. You were the guardians and heroes this spring for protecting the historic Shore Path (Walking Path), so can’t you now be the guardians and heroes protecting the historic Shoreline? You banned commercialization of the Shore Path, so it only seems fitting that you help maintain the ban on commercialization of the Residential Shoreline. You are the last and only hope we have. The last time we asked for help from the GLA, we did it out in the public in the GSR. We were admonished and told the next time to reach out privately. So, we’re reaching out once again and begging for your help on Oct 16th at 6:00pm in Lake Geneva City Hall.


Dick: We GLA Board are attempting to craft an alliance with the Geneva Lake Conservancy to effectively take a position on this and Hillmoor. Jack Goggin

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