Fake news. Fake news is accepting crap as something of fact, like most of what Trump says, and not throwing it right back in the face of the crap-thrower…including the POTUS!. Fake news is continuing to spread the mythology that you can make big money by taking your payroll money, pay check or anything else of cash value to Vegas and win big. The press has an obligation long forgotten, or at the very least, long paid to conveniently put aside. Fake news is allowing a leader, any powerful leader, to tell a group of down and out disasterized people that their debts will be forgiven, and then leaving and taking it back, like Trump did in Puerto Rico!
Fake news is not calling terrorism, like what happened in Vegas, exactly what it is instead of doing the ‘poor white guy son-of-a-criminal’ garbage.
Fake news is our elected representatives being allowed to say that a tax bill is for the middle class when it sure as hell is anything but. Giving money to the rich is paying off by having a new class of super rich while the population languishes and nearly starves.
Fake news is the mass media lying for the leadership or ignoring its lies while for sure punishing or coming down on the smallest criminals, social misfits, the poor, the aged and those without any representation at all…or (God Help Us!) those suffering after a catastrophe.

God Damn the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the rest of them! No wonder people were craving anything from Aljazeera or the Russian channel. Those idiots were telling more truth (some truth, certainly not all) than the entire rotten mess of American Mass Media combined!

But it didn’t start with Donald Trump and the republicans, or even the neocons, or going further back the Psysops people putting together Vietnam deception and the invention of the phrase “conspiracy theory.” It really started back a long time ago in Christian churches and Moslem mosques where priests and Imams invoked the wrath of God to steer their congregations in directions they, and not God, determined to be most correct…and ergo beneficial to them, of course. This is still done at every center of organized religion to this day. It’s called the sermon and everyone knows this is the priest’s or the preacher’s or the imam’s opinion of what God meant when He wrote the bible or the Koran. Oh, sorry, as I meant to say “guided the human hands that wrote the bible.”

Obama was all about fake news when he talked about offering more protections to people’s freedoms and then stomping all over them in practice. Clinton did the same thing with his police power proposals and throwing much more of the population in prison while lying about it all the time. The party in power does not matter nearly so much as the intelligence and learned behavior of the public being spoken to, preached to or simply lied to by powerful leadership. The thing that was supposed to change everything was the invention of the media. The media would collect information and then provide unbiased “just the facts ma’am” kind of delivery. Human leadership by deception has not changed at all. What changed was the creation of this objective mass media until the leadership found out it was hampering efforts to get the public to act against its own best interest and in the best interest of those leaders. The media got purchased. Today the mass media of American is owned by just six big corporations. In 1983 there were 283 mass media owners. Today there are six: General Electric, News Corp (Fox), Viacom, Timer Warner, CBS, and Disney. There are only 223 senior executives that work for those companies and they control almost all data that flows to the nation’s population. There is no liberal media because none of the six companies can be, in any way, described as anything but hugely rich benefactors to the republican party and belief system.

That’s what happened to America. It has gone so far backwards in thirty-five years that people today might as well be attending Sunday service at the big cathedrals of the Dark Ages and kneeling before the cold, fear-mongering, and heartless priests and preachers of the time.

The only defense anyone has seems counterintuitive. Instead of listening and watching without response, go on social media and start writing about the outrage of it. Enough people always make a difference. Trying to get enough people to do or believe anything has, however, become almost the sole territory of this same mass media.

Go local. Attend meetings. Go to church and comment to others. Visit coffee shops and join klatches. Get your opinion out there. No matter what that opinion is. You are the truth. Talk is just about the truth. Be you and let everyone know you are here.
~James Strauss

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