Dear Geneva Shore Report: You ran two articles mentioning a Lake Geneva police officer with the last name Dyon. I vividly recall my run-in with this man back on January 16th, 2015 at about ten a.m. in the morning. I remember the date and time so well because I haven’t been so frightened since Vietnam. The police officer with the name tag of Dyon showed up at my store, located just across the street from the Lake Geneva Police Department, and demanded that I accompany him outside to my parking lot. I followed him and his instructions. Once we were out at the parking lot the officer demanded that I remove my car from my own parking lot. He informed me that my car was blocking people visiting the diet center next door from exiting that business. I told him it was my property and my parking lot and I wasn’t going to move my car. The officer asked me where my property line was. I pointed at the line. Just then officer Dyon jumped backward and yelled “don’t approach me, get back!” I asked the police officer what he was talking about. Officer Dyon went for his service weapon and shouted “get back, get back.” I slowly raised my hands and told the disturbed officer that I was unarmed and to please not shoot me. He backed up and again demanded that I move my car while his hand rested on the butt of his side arm. The Lake Geneva Police Department has a problem and the problem is named Dyon. The department needs to work on getting better at what it does since this man was hired and trained by the department, but it is readily apparent just from his conduct with me that the department needs to move on into the future without him. Tom Pinkl, owner/operator of Indochine, Lake Geneva retail store


Boy this junk is so important, instead of just causing trouble why don’t you guys to something important like a few, churches need help seniors need help Children need help, do something good for town instead of just trying to cause trouble and make one group against the other. Enjoy what we have and if you want to run town then run for office. I was not born here but lived in town since 1957 and loved it with out looking at your junk. If things are so bad go live some other place. All of you should go to church and learn what the 10 commandants say and love people not hate them. I am not perfect but at least try to do my best. Thanks.


I was interested to read Howard Woods letter of reprimand of the GSR (Geneva Shore Report). When are facts and the truth not important in the activities of any community? Never! Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie “A Few Good Men” stated some people just can’t handle the truth! To quote former United Stated President John Adams “Facts are troublesome things!” But it is worth the “trouble” for the general public to be informed. However, the GSR isn’t only serious. The GSR does have a sense of humor both certain articles and it’s weekly cartoon, and the weekly crossword are fun! Tom KincaidLinn Township



  • Fact one- Linns boat did not at any time supply water to any LGFD unit on scene.
  • Two- There was no kitchen in the building, but details as to where and why the fire started are NOT being shared until the investigation is done.
  • Three- There was a hydrant. Just north of the building about 250 feet up the road. Thus making Linn’s little fireboat useless, as it is NOT able to pump 2000 plus feet up the hillside, no matter what Pitt claims.
  • Four- Lake Geneva’s site specifies that their “Engine one” carries 2000 gallons of water, which is far from no water in a firefighting situation, and they made great use of it, knocking the fire down rapidly with little extension or further damage.
  • Five- Stop giving Linn’s boat glory for fires and calls they are NOT requested for. They are a completely separate organization, with a separate budget and no relation to LGFD, and to compare the two is like trying to make a chicken look like an elephant. Doesn’t work. Two completely different things.

Linn’s fireboat is a WASTE of taxpayer money, through fuel and storage costs, along with people being required to be paid to “Staff” it. What a crock. They use the thing for joy rides and publicity, and of the two to three calls it showed up for, failed to justify the hundreds of thousands spent to buy and maintain it. Boat fires, like the one downtown, go out on their own, which would have happened fire boat or not. All on-board were off on a LGPD boat, and even with Linn’s “Quick” (15 min or MORE) response, failed to salvage anything. The boat was a total loss.

Ask more from your departments. LGFD does a wonderful job, and so does Linn in many aspects. Bravo to the LGFD guys who put the fire out quick, and to ALL the departments who responded, but get the facts straight and give the credit where it is deserved, to LGFD, and not Linn’s boat.

 The Geneva Shore Report representative at the site of the fire was ejected from the site at the instructions of the Lake Geneva Fire Chief. It is difficult to get accurate data when consigned from a distance of many hundreds of yards away. There was a fire hydrant. It was non-functional. The hoses of the different fire departments were connected to the fireboat and then up to the pumper truck. What flowed through them remains a mystery but the hose connections are evident in one of the published photos. The fireboat has now been present at two major fires on Lake Geneva. It’s mere presence at these fires, regardless of its use, indicates that there was a need for it’s purchase and that good judgment was used in its creation and operation. The boat is well commanded and manned. Editor


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