Letters to the Editor


About obeying the rules: Sometimes we see what is wrong and fail to see what is right, but when we see what is wrong elsewhere, then it can enable us to see and appreciate what is right here. For example: There is a lack of enforcement of our laws that leads to non-compliance with them and that leads to a lack of respect for the laws and for those who are to enforce them. Selective enforcement of our laws is even worse because it defeats the purpose of the law and enables the law to be used as a weapon against some or to give favoritism to others. When people see others ignoring the law without any consequence or reprisal, they tend to follow.

Watch a stop sign and see how many people don’t stop at the stop sign and the number that barely slow down at one. The same applies to the so called “Speed Limit” where people expect that 5, 10 and 15 mph over the speed limit is normal. It is a self-propagating pattern in much of the country where action of the majority ignores and expands into restricted activities such that law enforcement becomes impractical, so the law enforcement retreats to greater and greater violations of the law and ignores the lesser ones as the society continues to move toward chaos. The direction and the pattern is the same across the nation.

Fortunately for us, unlike some larger cities, the entire City of Lake Geneva is a safe place to live, walk and visit. Infractions of the laws that are ignored are those that are more of a nuisance than of a serious nature. Perhaps, second only to the lake itself, the most important attraction of Lake Geneva is the safe secure feeling that visitors feel while in Lake Geneva area. It is one of those intangibles that local people take for granted and one that make the Lake Geneva area such a great place to live and to visit. What is the key to that feeling of security that those who live here and visitor us feel? It is the people who live here and the people who visit that make Lake Geneva area a pleasant place to be.

Terry O’Neill, Former Lake Geneva Alderperson

About the new spate of signs and maps:

Thanks for mentioning me a couple of issues ago. There are two silly problems with these maps: 1. There are no “You are Here” spots on the maps. Since tourists and other visitors don’t know street names, and don’t know where they are, the maps are meaningless. 2. The map on Geneva Street, west of Broad, and the one by Speedo’s, are on the wrong side of the streets. The visitor is facing the lake (south), but, because north is at the top of the map, the map should be facing north, not south.

I know this is confusing, but go out and take a look. If the map was on the other side of the street, or upside down, the lake would be in the right place. If you are confused by my words, just take a look at the maps, especially the one on Geneva.

Now, I’m so confused, I’m going to take a nap!

Rick Steinberg, Lake Geneva Resident


Mr. Steinberg makes some excellent points about the maps and signs that have been installed to help people figure out where they are in Lake Geneva and then to find places of note around the city and lake. Editor

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