Letters to the Editor

Hello Jim, just to help clarify…

AT&T has always had 10 spots of their own 5 in back and 5 on the side…along with the ones that they allow city employees to use. I’ve been in the building, and it is a local switch point…and yes, runs automated…Next, The WIFI for the Riviera would be considered a commercial account and is subject to higher fees, just like Champs pays more than $100.00 for Direct TV…Second the router at your house will probably only allow 20 users to be on at the same time, the Riviera will need to handle much more than any residential wireless network capabilities…thus different/costlier equipment. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe that this amenity is a waste of money and unnecessary…nobody using it will know or care who is providing it…how will it promote tourism?? It won’t. Just thought that I would share what knowledgeable information I could provide. Thanks for reading!!

Dan B


I was so disheartened to read your front-page article on the Observatory situation.

I found the August 8 issue in a wastebasket at my bank, as I was throwing my coffee cup away.  I fished it out so I would have something to read as I waited to see my banker. I’m a little sorry I found it, and a little glad I did. I’m sorry because I think you are spreading some real untruths about MS Coleman. In this age of Trump’s War on the Media-this article seemed to be just uninformed vitriol. My comment is: if you are compelled to spread vitriol-then at least present facts to base it on. Saving the Observatory means a lot to the community and right now, at this precarious point in time, your little article was certainly not helpful. I have never met MS Coleman, but I loudly thank her for her efforts.

I’m a little glad that I found this article because it told me so much about your publication.  These days you never know what or who to believe! Like most people, I just want the unbiased truth.

Norine R. Smyth

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