John McCain was born to a military family back in 1936. He went to the academy where he didn’t do so well (graduating near the bottom of his class) and then volunteered to serve in a combat role in Vietnam as a Naval aviator. That didn’t go so well either, as he was shot down, badly injured in the crash, and then interred and tortured during five and a half years of captivity. John healed, first from the physical wounds and then from the psychological wounds. From that point, everything changed. He left the military and ran for office. The rest of his life was a wonderful odyssey through American political history. He served with distinction and honor, and he told the truth a whole lot. An anti-Obama heckler tried to impune Barack Obama with false accusations at a McCain rally. John stepped right up and corrected her, instead of just going along or endorsing what she said. John McCain was a life-long Republican and some might consider it strange that a newspaper like the Geneva Shore Report, which obviously in reading regularly, leans progressive, liberal and left, would laud Senator McCain’s entire life.

The truth is that the GSR leans toward liberal causes because those are causes wherein it feels the public needs help. Rich people, the one percent, the banks, the insurance companies, the government and many people working in positions that pay them six figures a year don’t need any help. John McCain was a liberal human being like the GSR is a liberal publication, no matter what his designation. His final giant vote to sustain Obamacare put an exclamation point on that argument.

John McCain fought every step of the way, as he crusaded for what he saw was the truth, justice, and the American way. As he stands to face the Creator, he probably is talking his way into heaven right now, in case his exploits on everyone else’s behalf might not be properly noted. Printed here is a copy of the publisher’s Facebook post from Sunday morning about the man and the condition or our country and leadership that he leaves behind:


This interesting man, a great patriot, and a public servant died yesterday. The most amazing thing about the passing of John McCain may well be the illustration that comes to the forefront of most people’s minds when they think of John McCain and “that other guy” at the same time. One man of great principle, service to his country, honor, courage and obvious intellect, and the other a cur, feeding off the same culture like a giant leech in the mud along with some jungle river bank. John McCain walked the walk and “that other guy” simply talks, endlessly. I write this rather different eulogy to John McCain because Fox News, right now this Sunday morning, is running its coverage about how these two men were so similar in their service to our nation, their patriotism and there “maverick” sense of trying to do what is right for us all. That Fox news knows no shame is common to just about every Republican, even the vapid followers of this habitually rotten news organization, and therefore its handling of John McCain’s death in this way comes as no surprise at all. “That other guy,” quite rightfully, hated and spoke out against the honor, integrity, and courage of John McCain…and he did so with open abandon, elan, and enthusiasm.

I did not serve with John McCain in Vietnam. He was in the air, and then shot down and inside a horrid torturing prison camp, while I fought not that far away in a small place called the A Shau Valley. We are brothers in combat though, and I shall never say or do anything to deny the kind of enduring courage it had to take to get through his grueling misery. Most of my men did not get through. Most of the men John was in that prison camp didn’t get through either. That the nation did not stand up as one and take “that other guy” to task for disparaging John McCain’s war courage and service (when he himself used lies and tricks to get out of going to that war) dishonored my country and also revealed that America is not quite as truly supportive of returning veterans as it lets on.

Goodbye John, you will be missed, but I hope your legacy is in having other young men look at your long history and service and want to grow up to become more like you and not that other guy.”

~James Strauss, Publisher of the Geneva Shore Report

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