Letters to the Editor

 From: Tom Doyle, local Lake Geneva resident.

This article said people who swim and fish off the West Pier say that vandalism is not a problem at the pier, I’m surprised you don’t realize fishing and swimming of the West Pier is prohibited. As a legitimate news source, you should know this and indicate that in your story. Also, you indicate that the Citizens fund the cost of the Pier, if you did your homework you would know the fees charged boat owners each year far exceeds the cost of the piers each year and actually adds money to Lakefront account each year so please do your homework before you report your opinion next time.

Editor: Who pays the cost of the pier upkeep is as applicable to usage as a renter is to a property owner. The ‘renter’ of the slips rents the slip. The property owner owns not only the slip but the pier that provides placement and services to the slip.

From: Sandra Lechner, local Lake Geneva resident.

You really like to stir the pot unnecessarily. The fact is I have lived on three different shores of this lake and rented on another. The story is the same on every shore. Vandalism of boats occurs all around this lake every single Spring, Summer, and Fall. I’ve been a boat owner on Lake Geneva since the 1980s. My “favorite” was the drunken very young adult who after being a patron at one of our many local bars, used his superior intellect to decide that our brand-new boat & it’s new cover were the perfect place to leave a pile of his stinky messy stool. Yes. He pooped on our boat. I can laugh about it now. But it wasn’t when trying to clean up the smelly mess. The stolen boat flag was easier to replace. And the attempt to rip out our stereo was not quite so cost-free for me. So, to suggest there is no vandalism of boats or piers is simply not true. This isn’t a class war between the have’s and the have-nots as you suggest. It is simply a security issue for those who pay good money to rent those slips. Your tone and tenor are a part of the cause of our present adversarial political landscape. That isn’t journalism. Shame on you.

Editor: The “tone and tenor” of that article are both subject to pretty widely varied interpretation. It’s like saying ‘good’ money. Interpretable. Anecdotal stories of boat damage or vandalism do not serve to change the fact that there is very little vandalism of the boats reported to law enforcement.



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