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Ten years ago, an incident occurred that has depressed the city government over the years!
To remain silent in the face of wrong is to enable it to continue. To become aware of a wrong, and remain silent, is to become part of it. If you witness an injustice to an individual and remain silent, then you do an injustice to the victims, which is amplified when there is no punishment or remorse on the behalf of those who committed the injustice.

When the City of Lake Geneva failed to support 4 Alderpersons in the early fall of 2009 regarding the Mirbeau-Hummel lawsuit still stands as a black scar on the city, and on the city’s officials. The city buys insurance for the city officials who serve it, and it includes liability and legal representation for all council members on city-related issues and accusations that pertain to their position, or alleged actions as a city official. But some city officials deliberately and selectively withheld city insurance information and had to hire an attorney at their own cost to represent themselves; whereas, in other cases, the insurance company was informed on behalf of the Alderpersons, mayor and other city officials who then received legal protection paid by the insurance company. Will the current city officials ask the mayor to issue a proclamation and an apology to the four Alderpersons for city negligence in assuring that those four Alderpersons receive the legal representation compensation which they were entitled to, but did not receive?


Any time of year downtown Lake Geneva is decked out with either lights, trees, flowers, and decorations coordinated with each holiday and season. This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes thought, work, and money. Can you put a price on this purposeful beauty? Well, Treasure Hut has, and it’s much more than most would guess. The Treasure Hut bill averages about $90,000 annually. This bill was a big topic at the BID (Business Improvement District) meeting on Monday morning. Treasure Hut does a great job, but is it that great?  That will be decided by the BID very soon.

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