Letters to the Editor

Copy sent to the Geneva Shore Report

Rick Cortopassi Home Smart Realty 7240 Devon Chicago, Il. 60631

Dear Mr. Corotopassi, As the primary realtor selling the former Hummel Property, we want to make you aware of an opportunity that before now would have been unthinkable but has now become viable due to leadership in the Town becoming overextended and overburdened by responsibilities outside Linn Township. That conflict seems to have created a perfect time and opportunity for expansion of development on this property going beyond Mirbeau’s plans early last decade because it now includes the means of exploiting lake access as part of its marketing strategy.

My family is very much aware of the present conditions and have decided to put our 1Acre Lake Home with Lake Frontage (Parcel I L 1200005B) on the market as a “Keyhole” operation because of this distracted/disinterested Town leadership and the climate of tolerance it has spawned in the Town and the Community in general. As I’m sure you’re aware, “Keyholing” or “funneling” is the real estate developer’s ploy of offering “lake access rights” to non-lake home developments either remote or adjacent to a single lakefront property. The attached material will explain how a local Developer, Brian Pollard, was able to keyhole or funnel over 400 future Vacation Home families in the City of Lake Geneva over 2 miles away on Edwards Blvd. into the 93 ft of Lakefront he owns in Buttons Bay (I L 1200003).

Mr. Pollard is receiving a permit from the Town to build a Party Lodge on the parcel I L 1200003 for Symphony Bay Vacation Home members to be used for parties and wedding receptions and as a staging area for members to access the Boat Club next door, the LAKE PATH or the Beach at Big Foot.  Mr. Pollard also owns another 40 acres (I L 1200001A) that are separated from this Party Lodge parcel by your client’s property ZYUP 00181. This property is landlocked, so I’m sure Mr. Pollard will be seeking an easement from your client to tie his 2 parcels together to take further advantage of the 93 ft. of lakefront property he has.

You should also be aware that the City of Lake Geneva has plans in place to Reroute South Lakeshore Dr. through the State Park to move the City’s Boat Launch from Center Street to the Park Lagoons and then open up the Lagoons to Geneva Lake and greatly expand the Beach at Big Foot Beach State Park. As you can see from the attached information, these plans will prove to be a tremendous benefit and value for Mr. Pollard’s property as well as your client’s property if your client has the right keyholing asset– which we can provide.

Dick Malmin, Local Lake Geneva City Activist

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