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There is a pattern that occurs every time the residents begin to speak at city council meetings and oppose what the city council is doing. The city council further limits, or at least tries to further limit, public comments. Until 2010 residents could comment on any issue in the Finance, License & Regulation (FLR) meetings, but that was changed to agenda items only. Later the city council tried to reduce the speaking time for residents to 3 minutes and banned non-residents from speaking at our meetings, but they were not successful at doing either of those.

Today, it remains extremely difficult to get the elected officials to listen to the public about Hillmoor or the coming extravagant remodeling of the Rivera that is about to take place. Right now, the city is about to piecemeal the costs, and say it is infrastructure/repair so that they can by-pass the spending limit that would require an approval of a city-wide referendum (where the public gets to decide on its own). On the Riviera issue the city council just selected MSI General to provide architectural and engineering design; approved the agreement between the city and Architect (MSI General), and the agreement between the city and Construction Manager as Constructor (MSI General).

But what will the new Riviera look like? Well, it wasn’t in the packet the council provided, except for one sentence in 1.1.2 Preliminary Design of the Riviera Building Improvements report by KEHOE-HENRY & ASSOCIATES, INC. dated June 28, 2017. And what will the Riviera repurpose cost residents? Well, that is only listed in section 1.1.3 as “To be determined”.


Keyholing Property

This For Sale sign appeared on South Lake Shore Drive advertising the sale of a home to take advantage of the coming commercial rezoning of the Lake Front.


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