Letters to the Editor

I have a proposal.  

Lake Geneva always allowed two sidewalk sales per year.  I propose that the town allow any merchant who cares to participate to conduct sidewalk sales every weekend, beginning Memorial Day and extending through Octoberfest.  I also propose the city waive any normal fees due by restaurants that currently pay for tables and chairs for outside dining for the same time period. I want the city to begin to look forward to the release of the lockdown and not concentrate on what is happening right now.  Thinking that life will be the same for businesses when the lockdown is over is arrogant thinking.  Many business owners and operators, and even their potential customers, will be deeply in debt with very little, if any, disposable income.  

The downside to my plan is zero. The upside will bring residents and visitors to the sidewalks again, restoring thousands of jobs.  The most important part of paying attention to the future is that struggling through this difficult time will be easier is there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We have to make that light and shine it bright.  I will be presenting this proposal to the town council and, hopefully, Mayor Klein, at the earliest appropriate time.  Any comments, opinions, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

The input of local residents is crucial to my effort.  Anyone can contact me on my Facebook page, Bob’s Beach Shack, or email me at bobsbeachshack@gmail.com or contact the GSR offices and staff.  Let’s get ready to rock and roll. Bob Lee, Lake Geneva resident and business owner


The Wrigley “drive-in theater.” People are driving to Lake Geneva in order to park on Wrigley. They order carryout from nearby restaurants and the sit and consume the meals in their cars. Parking is free and the lake show in front of them is ever-changing and free

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